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Importance of 3D Printing Tech to The Sneaker Industry

With some willing to pay more than 100,000 for a pair of running shoes, innovations in design and marketing strategies are two of the athletic-footwear industry's biggest focuses (photo via Globe and mail)


Source: Running wild: How sneaker brands stay ahead of the curve - The Globe and Mail


Globe and Mail uses a discussion on the resale market and fast fashion to analyze to establish the importance of 3D printing in footwear. This article drives home the point that athleisure, and by default the sneaker market, will continue to grow. The article also touches on the 1 Billion dollar resale market that currently exists via venture funded websites like StockX and Stadium Goods.


Where the article shines is in establishing that the resale market is currently allowing for 3D printed shoes from each brand to gain a bigger audience since they are primarily limited release models. With the success in both initial sales and in resale 3D shoes have garnered so much interest that brands are taking their focus facilities here in the US and in their home countries and making sure to relocate part of their manufacturing bringing footwear creation back to the US. Which is an important task for the sneaker industry as most shoes are created in Asia and it takes time for the products to actually make it to the US.


In the current market fast fashion is key to execution and maintaining a grasp on a quickly changing retail world. In the article the discussion on staying ahead of the curve has everything to do with creating what the people want in a timely fashion. That can only happen with manufacturing returning to the US where most shoes are sold. 3D Printing allows for fast fashion to become a larger market.


Use the source link to read more.


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