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Influential Sneakers Of The Decade

The past 10 years have brought some of the most advanced and necessary footwear innovations in history. We’ve seen 3D printed sneakers, auto-lacing systems, and fully recyclable footwear which shoes a bigger, brighter, and more responsible future. Some of the most influential sneakers of the decade have been highlighted, and I want to mention the 3D printed pair that made the top 12 of the 2010s. Showing as number 8 on the list, are the Adidas Futurecraft shoes which were released back in 2015. 3D printing was all the rave in almost every manufacturing segment. The benefits were, and still are undeniable as it makes everything faster and easier while reducing waste and cutting costs. The footwear industry has a lot riding on advancements in additive manufacturing because it is one of the most wasteful industries.


In 2015 Adidas unveiled its very first sneaker with a fully 3D printed midsole, releasing it under the brand’s Futurecraft 3D and with an UltraBoost-like shape. Between the timely tech and on-trend design, it was an instant hit among sneakerheads and techies. Two years later, they switched to Digital Light Synthesis, a technology pioneered by Carbon, which uses light and oxygen to craft soles at greater speeds, quality, and without much restriction. In 2019, Adidas revealed the FutureCraft.Loop, a shoe that is not only made of recycled materials but is fully recyclable itself, able to be ground-up and used in the production of a new pair. To check out the other 11 shoes on the list, make sure to check out the original posting.


Original Article: https://hypebeast.com/2019/12/best-important-sneakers-footwear-shoes-2010s-decade-nike-air-yeezy-2-red-october-adidas-ultraboost-air-jordan-1


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