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J-Supplied 3D Printing

J-Supplied 3D offers 3D printing solutions for a variety of industries. Their 3D manufacturing facility offers multiple options, with 20 Craftbot 3D printers with the capability to print advanced thermoplastics and other materials. J-Supplied 3D says the Craftbot IDEX printer is the most productive to achieve continuous printing. What sets the company apart from other manufacturing facilities, is how committed they are to the protection of people and the environment. Their materials are made up of roughly 85 to 90 percent recycled materials. This is important because sustainability and recyclability are the future focus of 3D printing. According to the IUCN, about 300 million tons of plastic are produced annually, with bout 8 million ending up on the ocean.


Recently, J-Supplied was approached by Adidas for a unique project. Adidas tasked J-Supplied with 3D printing an Adidas shoe that was made entirely of recycled plastics. To provide the shoes for Adidas, J-Supplied required a system that could meet the speed and consistency needed, and the versatility to work with different filaments. Using Craftbot’s user-friendly 3D printers, they found everything they needed and more. Craftbot offers the benefit of accurate repeatability, across multiple batches. By printing their models and final pieces, J-Supplied saved considerable time and money. J-Supplied is now looking to 3D print-on-demand shoes in low batches to sell as exclusives. This was Adidas can continue their sustainability mission to end plastic waste while offering innovative products. Aside from 3D printed shoes, J-Supplied has expanded the idea of using 3D printing for home furnishing and buttons on garments.


Original Article: https://all3dp.com/4/adidas-in-3d-printing-running-towards-a-sustainable-movement/

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