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Jack Prewitt's Custom 3D-printed shoes are game-changers.

Designed with a Bambu Lab X1C and "expanded" TPU filament, Jack Prewitt intends to offer the sandal files for sale, allowing users to produce their own personalized footwear.



Designer Jack Prewitt recently showcased his impressive 3D-printed sandals on Reddit, and it won't be long before you can get your hands on a pair.


Created with a specialized material known as "expanded TPU" (Colorfabb VarioShore TPU is used as an example by Prewitt), these sandals are incredibly lightweight, weighing less than 120 g each. The sandals feature lattice midsoles that can be adjusted to provide optimal support for different weights and pressure distributions. They can be easily personalized, allowing you to choose the straps, footbeds, size, and color to your liking.


The sandals were created using advanced technology, including 3D scanning, computer-aided design, and printing. Prewitt mentioned that the Bambu X1C was used as a test bed for this innovative process. This process could be more streamlined, as it currently involves manual adjustments to the CAD file. Instead, a cutting-edge process is being developed to create personalized shoes in a matter of seconds rather than hours.


If successful, this would potentially enable Prewitt to offer users a personalized sandal design that perfectly fits their feet, allowing them to conveniently print it at home. He is looking forward to presenting a demo of this file generation process in the upcoming weeks.


In order to be economically feasible, the file and materials need to be significantly cheaper than both traditional and mass-produced 3D-printed shoes currently on the market.


According to Prewitt, the aim is to ensure that affordable 3D-printed footwear is available to a wide range of individuals. It seems that there is a growing trend towards affordable and personalized footwear, with 3D printing playing a crucial role in making this a reality.


Up until now, there has been a significant amount of experimentation involved in every aspect of the sandals' production, ranging from the initial design to refining the print settings. However, once he masters this, Prewitt mentions the possibility of branching out into a shoe sales strategy that is more focused on retail.


“I may consider offering fully printed footwear as well, catering to customers who don't have access to printers. However, this approach has historically been costly and can result in extended waiting periods,” he mentioned.


To learn more about Prewitt's sandals, you can find detailed information in his Reddit post. There, you'll discover some intriguing insights from Prewitt about the footwear, like how they're incredibly easy to keep clean and have previous versions that were never fit to be seen. This definitely adds value to the article and makes it a must-read.


By Adam Kohut

Source: https://all3dp.com/4/this-designer-says-his-3d-printed-sandals-are-game-changers/
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