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Jayda Hany's Shoe Designs

Jayda Hany is a student who studied Architecture at the American University in Cairo. After she finished, she decided to pursue her original passion by studying fashion and footwear design in London. Five years later, her designs are inspiring automotive flagship manufactures BMW to customize one of their models based on her shoe designs. Jayda’s collection earned her an invitation to the New York Fashion Tech Week. Stylist and model Lily Gatins specifically asked to wear the same shoes during the fashion week’s runway event, where the designs were displayed. Her unorthodox designs include 3D printed joints, stainless steel rods, as well as assembling shoes as a sole unit consisting of successfully- connected elements.


The Hany calls the process “building shoes rather than making them.” For her Fashion Tech Week designs, she did research on biomechanics to find out that a foot’s gait cycle has eight different phases, with each phase having a different maximum pressure point. Jayda came up with six different design variations that consisted of truss joints and stainless steel rods. With the multiple types of technologies gone to them, her designs are still made-to-order rather than ready-to-wear. They target more specific consumers such as musicians and artists. She is working on a more simplified version of her design that will work for a ready-to-wear in the future. 3D printed shoe innovations are what keep 3Dshoes.com so interested in the industry.


Original Article: https://www.forbesmiddleeast.com/en/an-egyptian-shoe-designer-with-a-taste-of-architecture/


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