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Johnny: The Shoe That Grows Into a Tree

The world's first biodegradable shoe that offsets your carbon footprint

We think taking care of our planet just makes sense. That's why Johnny shoes biodegrade and grow into an apple tree after you're done wearing them. 

Not only do they offset your carbon footprint, there's a lot of other great things packed into them too! 

Humans? We're pretty creative. For a long time shoes were uncomfortable so we developed soft, cushiony materials. What we didn't realize was how bad those materials are for the environment.

These soft, cushiony materials are made of plastic compounds which take 1,000 years to biodegrade. They flood our oceans, our landfills and get into our wildlife. 

At Johnny, we couldn't accept this. We spent 2 years researching and testing a revolutionary new compound that retains the comfort of a modern sneaker while also taking care of our planet.

It took a bit of patience and a lot of love, but we're proud to bring you shoes that revolutionize the footwear industry.

Johnny shoes last as long as your favorite sneakers, and most likely even longer! Wear them as long as you like and when you're done with them, plant them in the ground. Our compound starts working very quickly after being exposed to enzymes found in great outdoors. Microorganisms penetrate the soles while other ingredients expand the molecular structure, making room for the incoming microbes.

The microbes attract other microbes by releasing chemicals in a process called quorum sensing. Quorum sensing is a process by which the microbes determine where to nest and grow once they have found a reliable food source. Collectively, they feast on the polymer chains, breaking down the chemical bonds that hold the plastic together.

Image for illustrative purposes. The seed/pod is more compact so you don’t feel it as you walk.

Eighteen months after this process has started, a pod containing an apple seed breaks free from the sole. The casing of the seed acts as a shield during the manufacturing process, protecting it from extreme heat, as well as a natural fertilizer once the outsole has biodegraded.

Footwear companies cut corners to deliver their products to you as quickly and cheaply as possible. At Johnny, we've thought through each stage of your shoe's journey and optimized it according to our environmental and social values.

Life's adventures can happen anywhere at any time. That's why every pair of Johnnies is equipped with a collapsible heel so you can slip in and out of them easily. The recycled lycra easily folds down as you slip them on, then bounces back up to cup your heel and keep your shoes securely in place.

Not only are we building an environmentally friendly shoe, we also want it to be as comfortable as possible; that's why we chose natural cork insoles. Cork insoles are shock resistant and provide cushioning while running. As well as being breathable, light, and moisture wicking, cork molds to your feet over time to give you custom support based on your foot's natural contours. Lastly, cork is naturally anti-bacterial to eliminate foul foot odors.

If there's one thing we all agree upon, it's that wet feet are the worst. To solve this issue, we're equipping every pair of Johnny shoes with a coating of natural organic beeswax. When applied to the organic cotton canvas, the beeswax acts as a rainproof barrier that wicks away droplets without polluting the environment with harmful chemicals.

Johnny shoes are made with the highest grade materials possible. We've developed a revolutionary new outsole compound that not only biodegrades but is also light as a feather. You'll be amazed at how durable they are considering they weigh in at only 335 grams!

We realize that not everyone has easy access to a backyard to plant their shoes. That's why we decided to double down on our commitment to reversing our CO2 footprint by planting a tree on your behalf every time a pair of shoes is sold. We're excited to keep you updated on how many trees were planted by making it the first thing you see when you access our website!

 We’re proposing a realistic and conservative timeline. Even though we’ve researched and tested our prototypes rigorously; bringing innovation to scale will sometimes create unforeseen delays. The last thing we’d want is to ship a subpar product to you.


SUPPORT THEIR CAMPAIGN: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/luchoule/johnny-the-shoe-that-grows-into-a-tree

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