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Kik Clip

The easiest and best way to put on your shoes


The Kik clip is going to change your life... kinda. The Kik Clip is the coolest shoe accessory you ever need to own.   How many of us are guilty of shoving our feet into our shoes?   How often have we seen our kids struggle putting on their shoes?   The critics say that kids and adults should untie and tie their shoes.  Really?   When is the last time that happened?   At the end of the day, sometimes it's just the little things we do that make our life easier and that is exactly what the Kik Clip is all about.    I am a father of three and I want to say I have some experience as a parent and this product is for me as much as it is for my kids.

    Now I asked myself would it be nice if all my kids have their shoes untied ready to put on and then fully tie them back on?  Of course!  Unfortunately this isn't my reality 

and I know it isn't for a lot of other people.   Through this whole process of designing the Kik Clip  I realized what a useful product it could be for everyone. 

 Seniors will love how easy it is to use the Kik clip no more balancing and fidgeting to get the foot in with the Kik clip slips right in.    I have also received feedback from Physical therapist who have said this would make many of their patients life much easier.   The bottom line is this products works and more importantly you and everyone who uses it will benefit.  My hope and wish is to get this to market and share this with the world and I need your support to make this a reality.    Thank you for taking the time to read my campaign hopefully we can bring this product to reality!  Just FYI the two colors we are providing will be Red and Yellow.  


SUPPORT THEIR CAMPAIGN: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kikclip/the-coolest-shoe-accessory

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