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LoreOne Hard-Shelled Shoe

Lore has recently introduced the LoreOne, the world’s first 3D printed hard-shelled shoe. The shoe’s multiple breakthroughs in design, biomechanics, and manufacturing reinvent what a cycling shoe can be. The LoreOne utilizes scan-to-print carbon technology that is sculpted precisely to the cyclists’ feet. The carbon monocoque design will create a more direct connection between rider and bicycle than conventional shoes while producing increased watt output and pedaling efficiency. The Lore team comprises individuals from sport, footwear, consumer technology, and aerospace. The levels of customization, performance, materials, environmental, sustainability, and manufacturing technology represent a bold leap into the future.


Through the development of the LoreOne, Lore partnered with Colby Pearce and Olympian. Elite bicycle coach and fitter. The technology, materials, design, and manufacturing are way ahead of everything else on the market. The LoreOne shoe will change the way people interact with their bikes, and I cannot wait to see what it does to the 3D printed footwear market.


Original Article: https://www.bikebiz.com/lore-previews-loreone-3d-printed-hard-shelled-shoe/

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