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Omega Athletica Fitness Boot & Apparel

FANCY NEW LIFTING BOOTS with a mix of a converse shoe snowboarding boot type edge with trendy clothing soon to come!

Omega Athletica is a mens and women's  athletic wear company devoted to making clothing, shoes, and other gym apparel built for gods of the gym arena. Our aim is to unlock athletes' full potential with little to no obstacles, least of all being clothing. We at Omega corp strive to create uniquely designed, comfortable athletic shoe and clothing apparel that provides the best support to enhance one’s performance and progress during a workout. What makes us more distinguishable from other brands is that we bring superior, sleek, game changing clothing that accentuates both style and traditional sports wear together for individuals from all walks of life. We strive to compete with other Athletic brands by bringing you more affordable clothing.

OMEGA Fitness Boots

Omega Fitness Training Boot - Omega Athletica

We want to bring a new look to activewear. For our first project we have created these Fitness boots that are made of stronger material and aid in providing more efficient ankle support while weightlifting. The boot comes designed with a sharp look and laces that will mold the boot to your foot. The idea for these shoes is based around snowboarding boots mixed with a bit of a converse boxing edge, and is designed in a way that we believe will be  beneficial to the weightlifting category. The boot also has a sole that gives the perfect balance for foot support. We know this is very important when being in a gym setting.

Omega Fitness Training Boots - Omega Athletica

Omega Fitness Boot - Inspiration

Quick Sketch Original Drawing - Omega Boot

As you can see in the image above, we started last summer (2021) with a quick sketch of what we wanted the shoe to look like.  My original inspiration for building this shoe stems from my black and white snowboarding boots and  the soles of my converse collection.

My room and Shoes - Omega Athletica

Tech Packs

Tech Pack Designs - BLACK & RED - Omega Athletica

In this phase of building the shoe we took the original design of the shoe and we researched to find the best freelancers to build a tech pack for them. We then landed on the Upworks website where we found  and hired a freelancer to help us design a tech pack for the boot.


Rewards - Omega Athletica
Rewards - Omega Athletica

Depending on your contribution amount you can receive many prizes! Our brand name will put on all reward merchandise!

Evolution - Prototype 1

Sole - Building Process - Omega Athletica
Pattern & First sample shoe - Building Process - Omega Athletica

This was our first prototype for the design. The look of the shoe was on the right track  , but we also wanted to have the best quality of materials. Moreover, the shoes were difficult to tie up, hence is why we decided to add the zipper down the side for easy in and out access.  We also want them be long lasting in a workout setting, so we looked into another manufacturer. (refer to timeline below - more details).

Evolution - Prototype 2

Pattern/Second Sample - Building Process - Omega Athletica
Building Process - Omega Athletica

Our second prototype by our second manufacturer used a more stronger durable material(nubuck) that provides great ankle support. The manufacturer took us through every step of the process and found this more to our liking.

Evolution - Prototype 3 - Final Result

Leather Type Mesh- Building Process - Omega Athletica

With a little tweaking on materials we arrived at our final result. For the boots we chose a softer mesh to give it a slick look that would make even Goku jealous. This will be our first product that we put out, coming in both Black and red with more colours to come.

Leather Type Mesh - Building process - Omega Atheltica

Mens and Womens Clothing  Designs

According to Mark Jacobs, "Clothing means nothing until you live in them". As regular gym goers, we've heard about quite a number of issues when it comes ones gym attire to the point where they're starting to become a cliché. From clothing being too lose or too tight, and not fitting right in awkward places, to sweat stains showing during ones workout.  We, at Omega Athletica want to take on that challenge to rectify these issues by working alongside manufactures that are willing to combat these issues.  Not only do we want to strive to fix these issues, but also find better ways to make gym wear (especially our products), more environmentally friendly.

Mens Sleeveless Hoodie and Womens Long Sleeve Hoodie- Omega Athletica

Our Clothing designs have been personally made from our original quick sketch designs to tech packs.  We take pride in wanting to make you feel comfortable and confident in whatever you wear working out.

Women's Leggings - Omega Athletica
Women's Sportbra & Legging designs - Omega Athletica
women's Crop Tops & Joggers - Omega Athletica

We intend for our clothing to fit people of all shapes and sizes, giving them that WOW FEELING! all day long whether it be at the gym or just for your everyday look.  This is just the tip of our clothing line and we have A TON more to come out.



  •  July - August : The idea of the Omega Athletica Boot is created and the plan is put into action. We Started looking for freelancers to design the idea and tech packs.
  •  August : We were put in touch with first manufacturer. We began looking at  the right sole for the shoe.
  •  September : Started building patterns for the shoes, and we put the deposit of $600 USD down for the first prototype.
  •  October: First prototype completed. Quality of materials was not sufficient to our standards so we reached out to  a second manufacturer who we ultimately chose to build the shoe for us with high quality materials.
  •  November : We Reselected a sole for the shoes, and created new patterns for the shoe. A deposit of $1200 USD was sent for our two prototypes, one in black and one in red.
  •  December - January: Waited for the shoe to be completed while also in touch with the manufacturer checking each step along the way.
  •  February: We went through all production and materials costs and details. Shipping costs were looked into as well. The shoe was sent to us mid-february. Hiring of a Videographer/Photographer to create our kickstart video.
  •  March: Raising funds for shoes and clothing.
Zipper In Motion - Omega Athletica

Here is the second prototype of the boot after all of the manufacturing processes. It is functional and stylish and has a high quality zipper and laces to give you the best support for your gym needs. The qualities will all be added to our third and hopefully final prototype.



SUPPORT THEIR CAMPAIGN: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/omegashoes/omega-athletica-fitness-boot-and-apparel

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