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On the Rise: Casca' 3D-Printed Shoes Are a Step within the Right Direction

Casca Designs prints footwear right here in Vancouver—keeping their own eco footprint to a minimum.
After ten years within the fashion and footwear industry, collaborating with brands like Adidas and Arc’teryx and dealing as head designer for Native Shoes, Kevin Reid was able to build his own kicks—ones that would very go the distance. “Traditional manufacturing is all regarding short cycles and seasonal releases. the instant that a season is done, the merchandise become obsolete,” explains Reid. “It generates such a lot waste.”
Credit: Casca

Casca's 3D printers.


Eager to intensify to a a lot of eco-friendly venture, he teamed up with faculty friend (and fellow outside enthusiast) Braden Parker. Reid designed the product, Parker worked on the business model, and that they launched Casca Designs out of a Kitsilano basement in 2018.


Credit: Casca


Casca eliminates waste offcuts by using 3D printing technology, so each component of the shoes is created to be the exact shape and size required. The shoe material is a recyclable thermal plastic. (“We can basically put our test pairs into an industrial blender and make more from them,” Reid explains.) But being manufactured by robots doesn’t make the shoes rigid—in fact, Casca consults with a local orthotic lab for each new style.


Credit: Casca

Casca’s founders, Braden Parker and Kevin Reid


Reid compares investing in supportive footwear to eating organic or getting regular exercise. “You might think that orthotics are nerdy, but proper foot support can do wonders for the entire body,” says Reid. “Our balance, posture and energy levels can all benefit. And that’s possible without sacrificing style or design.”


Credit: Casca

Casca’s latest sneaker, the Avro recycled knit shoe, is made using recycled plastic bottles. It took over a year to develop, says Reid. “It needed to last as long as our standard product.”

Credit: Casca
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