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Recycled Plastic Sneakers

Footwear label Oliver Cabell has launched several new products, one of which will bring changes to the footwear industry. First is his GAT Mango Mohawk shoe which is a retro German athletic trainer which is hand-crafted with Italian calfskin leather, suede, and Spanish vegetable-tanned leather lining. They are available in limited quality and may even be sold out by now. But the big interest of this post is the shoe that will be released on August 13th, the Phoenix. This 3D printed shoe I made out of recycled water bottles and will be available in white and black. 300 million tons of plastic are produced every year, and only 9% of it gets recycled. Once the plastic is made it stays on the planet forever. That’s why Oliver Cabell’s goal was to turn recycled plastic into a light and breezy sneaker.


Recycled plastic water bottles are collected, washed, and shredded into small flaked. The flakes are then melted down, cooled, and pressed through a die, resulting in long strands of yarn. The yarn is further refined and spun through a 3D printing machine, forming the upper of the shoe. The Phoenix features an odor-reducing liner, soft and cooling microfiber tongue, lightweight Eva sole, and are machine washable. The 3D printed upper is also lightweight and breezy for the consumer. More details, including the price, will be released soon. So, keep an eye out!


Original Article: https://manofmany.com/fashion/sneakers/first-look-at-oliver-cabell-3d-printed-bottle-sneakers


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