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Rothy's 3D Knitted Shoes

Everyone wants to find a pair of shoes that both look great and will last. It can also be hard to find shoes do not use too many resources unless you want to search for a thrift store. With 3D printed shoes, there can be a use of recycled materials. But currently, there are not many companies who incorporate recycled materials into their apparel. Recently the shoe company Rothy’s decided to start manufacturing ballet flats, loafers, and sneakers all from recycled plastic bottles. The company also uses a 3D knitting method to manufacture the shoes. 3D knitting wastes less material than other manufacturing techniques. The wastes amount to about 6 percent whereas traditional shoe companies will use about 37 percent. The knitting technique also eliminates cutting and allows each shoe to be made to exact size. Between great technology and well-made, good-looking shoes, Rothy’s has become a popular brand. It was protected that their sales for 2018 would reach $140 million.


Since the company was founded, about 20 million plastic bottles have been recycled. Rothy’s also uses carbon credits to fund Project Envira, which converts carbon emissions back into oxygen. The office is also powered by wind and uses energy-efficient bulbs and appliances. The company’s shoes are manufactured to last with the benefit of being machine washable. Once your shoes wear out, you have the option of recycling them through PLUSfoam. Unfortunately, this kind of thing isn’t cheap, with a women’s pair starting at $125. However, we at 3DShoes.com still find them completely worth the price with the quality and environmental responsibility they provide.


Original Article: https://3dprint.com/232966/rothys-announces-new-funding/


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