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Servati Focuses On Addressing Sustainability In Footwear Through 3d Printing

Creating sneakers that can be disassembled and recycled, made from rubber and polyester, materials that can be repurposed for new accessories.


Servati, a start-up from Lecce, Italy, is creating disassemblable and recyclable sneakers made from rubber and polyester—materials that can be repurposed for new accessories. As per the founders, Matteo Di Paola and Marco Primiceri, "the fashion industry must embrace a fresh perspective on environmental concerns."


During the lockdown, two young founders, one with a degree in economics and the other with a degree in design and visual communication, came up with a plan to merge their love for fashion and eco-friendliness.


This model operates on a circular economy basis. Customers can return their used shoes for recycling and receive a coupon for a new pair or another Servati item. The old sneakers are disassembled and recycled for new production.


The duo has a patent to safeguard a unique interlocking mechanism between the sole and the upper, enabling the shoe to stay intact without relying on glues or permanent seams. This product consists of only two elements made of rubber and polyester, both fully recyclable. We do not use glue, chemical solvents, or heat-activated adhesives. The soles are created using 3D printing technology with rubber, while the uppers are manufactured in collaboration with other footwear companies within the Casarano industrial district. Nevertheless, the quest for suppliers is expanding outside the region.


Servati Guys


“We have discovered our style,” announced the two founders. We work with a dynamic and vibrant material that constantly molds its shape, never turning into waste. We suggest stylistic elements that focus on speed, movement, tension, sharp lines, and aerodynamic shapes.


The Puglia region is in charge of funding and managing the startup. Right now, there are three models that have been designed. Get ready for an offline launch with events in major Italian cities and online through social media and the web. The models will be presented and made available to the public later this year.


“To choose the materials, we dedicated months to research; our goal was to create a product that is completely recyclable,” shared the two founders. This shoe can be disassembled at the end of its use to provide materials for creating other objects in the world of fashion and design, showcasing a project of total circularity. We have an exciting method that can decompose the upper and it has been patented. We've created brand new shoes using recycled end-of-life shoe samples, which are the first of their kind. Imagine a sneaker market that is completely circular and environmentally friendly—a dream come true! The materials of the shoes can therefore be repurposed into bags, watch straps, and other accessories in their second life.


Get ready to secure your spot for the first 100 pairs of sneakers by pre-ordering from Servati starting on March 11, 2024!


by Edward Wakefield

Source: https://www.voxelmatters.com/servati-aims-to-solve-for-sustainability-in-footwear-with-3d-printing/

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