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Shoes Filled With Holy Water

A pair of Nike Air Max 97s usually sells for around $160. Recently, a Brooklyn company has raised that price to $1425 by filling the soles with holy water and naming them “Jesus Shoes.” Brooklyn-base company MSCHF took a traditional pair of the classic shoes and filled the shock-absorbent bottom with holy water from the River Jordan. Blessed by a priest, this addition increased the price to $1425, with some pairs even reselling for $4000. The shoes even feature a golden Jesus on a crucifix as a shoelace arm. Regardless of the price tag one buyer purchased the pair at full price last Tuesday. The “Jesus Shoes” is now listed on resale website StockX for $4000.


The project started as a way to raise awareness of how swayed consumers are by “collab culture.” This is when companies partner up to sell limited or exclusive products at high price points. MSCHF sent about six pairs of the Jesus Shoes to a variety of YouTubers and high-visibility figures like A$AP Rocky. The sneakers dropped 11 am last Tuesday, with plans to continue a similar release in the future. The company plans to make biweekly drops at 11 am every second and fourth Tuesday of each month. Nike has no affiliation with MSCHF’s project to sell these shoes.


Original Article: https://allthatsinteresting.com/jesus-shoes


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