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The Expansion Of 3D Printing

We have seen many amazing things with 3D printing and 3D printed shoes. The world is supplying us with more innovations as the days go by. The manufacturing company Sonova has taken up the creation of hearing aids with the help of EnvisionTEC. EnvisionTec 3D printed hearing aids for Sonova and the company found that the technology was capable of producing comfortable and better-fitting aids than traditional manufacturing techniques. Seeing this, most of the industry has also switched to 3D printing. Traditional methods have vanished from the industry after 2 years in favor in 3D printing. 3D printing has affected many industries, but it doesn’t always take over an industry completely.


Sonova’s Aurora Operations and Distribution Center is full of EnvisionTEC 3D printers, each of which can 3D print about two dozen hearing air shells every hour. Technicians turn silicone impressions of patients’ ears into digital files and then use special software to design the shells. They are both specifically customized to fit each individual’s ears for a secure and comfortable fit. Sonova was one of the earliest companies to show how 3D printing could be used as a means of mass production. This is why 3DShoes.com has looked towards additive manufacturing. No matter what the industry is 3D printing is one of the best ways to create a personalized and comfortable product for consumers. Some people have individual needs, and when you can mass-produce for those who need it you can own the industry.


Original Article: https://3dprint.com/190841/envisiontec-sonova/


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