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The Pros and Cons of 3D Printing: Thanks and farewell

Hi everyone, we’re writing this post with heavy hearts to let you know that we are making the tough decision to shut down Electroloom. (An image of Electroloom's earliest fabric prototype from 2013, when they first started the project)


Source: Thanks and farewell – Electroloom Blog – Medium


Electroloom appeared to be the next big thing in 3D Printing. They launched and ran a successful Kickstarter campaign and received funding to push the envelope in the creation of a 3D Printing campaign that created a more pliable 3D printed material.


What happens when the machine/company that appears to be the wave of the future isn't given a long enough rope to make mistakes and learn?


Electroloom had the makings of the future. They had created the machine and designs that would print a fabric like material.


Their Kickstarter reached $82,000. This wasn't nearly enough to really push through with a project when you consider a good 3D Printer can run you over 100,000 dollars, but the concept of 3D Printed fabric would make most other 3D fashion projects look like the stiff, mechanical, fashion show items that they are.


I discovered that Electroloom had signed off last year when I sat down to share their story with you today. August 10th, 2016 they wrote a Medium post saying farewell. I wanted you to know about the company and I'm dropping the video below, but I also want to share the reality of new technology and difficulty in launching. Everything doesn't work the way it should, but after watching I'm sure you will see why I was so excited. Use the source link to read and discover companies that are carrying on the Electroloom platform.


Oh, don't feel bad for the guys... one of them launched Vue @vueglasses, let me know what you think when you visit and discover Vue.



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