The number of use cases for 3D printing is virtually limitless. It is rather remarkable how many shoe manufacturers are currently experimenting with this technology. It goes to show there is a big mar


Source: Top 4 Shoe Manufacturers Experimenting With 3D Printing – The Merkle


Take a moment and click through to The Merkle and read their post on the top 4 shoe companies in 3D printed footwear and you will see the usual suspects.


What's interesting here isn't that Nike and adidas are on the list, what's interesting is if you send us an e-mail we could place you on the path to becoming number 5. 3D printing is more than just a new manufacturing process... it's a complete disruption. How soon or how big of a disruption is to be seen, but consider that any person who has access to a 3D printed and the software could build their own footwear company in a matter of days.


The problem that remains and will always remain will be branding. Will 3D printing make people less brand conscious? Will people be willing to get rid of their foam and rubber based footwear to use 3D printed running shoes? Those questions are being answered on a daily basis and the reality is, it's already happening. Nike placed a 3D printed plate in some of their NFL sponsored athletes shoes last year. The shoes actually included blades of grass inside of the plate.


This is an amazing time and the opportunities are endless. Take a moment to drop us a line to get started on the future. The Merkle gave you the top 4, will you be number 5?