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Transforming the Online Shopping Experience: THREEDEEMEE's 3D Avatars Targeting Reduction in Fashion Returns and Carbon Emissions

THREEDEEMEE's innovative 3D avatar technology allows for precise virtual try-ons, leading to a decrease in online shopping returns and environmental footprint. The future of fashion and e-commerce is shaped by a revolutionary solution that blends convenience, sustainability, and personalization.

Revolutionizing Online Shopping: How THREEDEEMEE's 3D Avatars Aim to Slash Fashion Returns and Carbon Footprint

In a modern era blending convenience with sustainability, the introduction of THREEDEEMEE's (TDM) cutting-edge 3D avatar technology is poised to revolutionize the e-commerce and fashion sectors. With the ability for customers to virtually test out clothes with exceptional precision, TDM aims to tackle the issue of high return rates for online stores and lessen the environmental impact caused by these returns.

Dealing with the complexities of returning items purchased online

Shopping online may seem convenient, but it comes with a major hurdle: a high return rate of 64% for clothing, frequently caused by incorrect fit. This problem is causing frustration for consumers and creating significant environmental and financial challenges for retailers. In 2022, the return of goods in the UK led to a significant 750,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions, emphasizing the urgent requirement for a sustainable solution that balances consumer satisfaction with environmental responsibility.

Introducing the TDM Avatar: A Modern Digital Solution

THREEDEEMEE's solution to this challenge involves developing digital twins, known as TDM Avatars, that accurately replicate a consumer's physical appearance. With the help of a 360-degree video from users, TDM can create avatars that accurately mirror their body shape, size, skin tone, and hair color with a precision of 1-2%. This innovative technology allows users to try on clothes virtually at home, helping them choose the right sizes with confidence and decreasing the chances of returns. This technology has far-reaching implications that go beyond just consumer convenience, in line with global sustainability objectives and upcoming environmental legislation in the UK and EU.


Peering into the future: Fashion and E-Commerce

Looking ahead to 2024, excitement is building for THREEDEEMEE's upcoming launch of its Virtual Try-On (VTO) technology. This development establishes the UK as a frontrunner in digital advancements in the global fashion sector, ensuring a future where online shopping is dependable, fulfilling for customers, and eco-friendly. By incorporating 3D models and augmented reality features into online stores, Shopware's approach to improve spatial commerce aligns with TDM's vision, collectively shaping a new phase of e-commerce that focuses on enhancing consumer experience and environmental responsibility.

Ultimately, the introduction of THREEDEEMEE's 3D avatar technology marks a major advancement in tackling the issues of high return rates and environmental impact in the fashion sector. With a focus on improving the online shopping experience and promoting sustainability, TDM is poised to transform the shopping landscape by incorporating virtual fitting rooms into e-commerce.


by BNN Correspondents

Source: https://bnnbreaking.com/tech/revolutionizing-online-shopping-how-threedeemees-3d-avatars-aim-to-slash-fashion-returns-and-carbon-footprint

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