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UnisBrands 3D Printed Shoes

A student at Penn State, Nicholas Unis has turned his passion for footwear into a business idea. Not only being a finance and accounting student, he is also the founder if UnisBrands; a fashion label that designs, produces, and sells 3D printed shoes. Even though he is a young man, Unis already has significant experience when it comes to footwear. He worked at a shoe store in high school, and in customizing and reselling shoes on the Internet. Since that time he has focused his shoe business ambitions into 3D printed shoes. He even designed his own customized 3D printing after finding existing models did not meet requirements. The 3D printing technology is capable of 3D printing sneakers in three parts; the sole, upper, and tongue. Nicholas plans to use the technology to create various styles of shoes with customized colors, patterns, and sizes. For sizing, he relies on a special algorithm, which uses the client’s foot, dimensions and generates a “perfect fit” 3D model.


Once his technology is fully up and running he plans to have a rapid turnaround time for custom orders. The goal is for the 3D Printed shoes to be shipped within 24 to 72 hours of the order being placed. UnisBrands website currently has a limited selection of 3D printed shoe styles, but Unis plans to expand his company’s offering in the future. His next plan is to introduce s Birkenstock inspired sandal just in time for the summer season. Currently, UnisBrands is operating from within the Happy Valley Launchbox, a working space for startups in State College, PA. Nicholas hopes to one day set up 3D printing factories across Pennsylvania to meet order demands and keep all his production local. Another possibility is to partner with organizations such as the NCAA or Disney for licensing agreements to produce customized branded 3D printed shoes.


Original Article: www.3ders.org/articles/20180214-unisbrands-penn-state-student-startup-3d-prints-customized-shoes.html


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  • I wear AFOs for foot drop and need a custom sneaker-type high top in order to accommodate my very wide (EEEE+) very short ~child’s size 2-3) shoe. Do you do “unusual shoes” for problem feet?


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