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Viviobarefoot's 3D Plans

Shoe retailer Vivobarefoot announced plans to launch 3D printing services this year, enabling customers to get personalized and customized footwear. This approach to production fits into a range of new services and platforms for the business, which currently trades internationally. The project is being called “3DVive” and they are looking at scanning people’s feet and 3D printing shoes which addresses a few issues. They could have 3D printers in major cities around the world, and you could send your order to a facility closest to you. Vivobarefoot’s shoes fit most people better than most shoes but 3D printing would help them be even more accurate with the shoes that they produce.


Chief commercial officer Paul Walker covered a range of issues during an interview, including his view that businesses need to start thinking about sustainability as being “regenerative.” His business aims to find restorative ways of doing business. Walker also revealed the business plans to become a £90 million operation over the next three years, supported by organic growth and further international expansion. Part of the new online project set for summer is to connect Vivobarefoot’s international store to online operations. Once they release 3D printed shoes you can count on 3DShoes.com to keep all of you updated on it.


Original Article: https://www.essentialretail.com/news/vivobarefoot-3d-printing-shoes/


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