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HILOS changes how the world makes shoes, unifying deep tech with sustainable craft to deliver exceptional, on-demand footwear. 


3D printing is shaping the future of craft with unprecedented levels of customization, enabling intricate and complex designs that traditional methods struggle to achieve. HILOS fosters a future that brings technology together with sustainable craft for the sake of meticulous artistry without waste.


HILOS has built the first high-mix, low volume supply chain for on-demand footwear, allowing a wide selection of low-volume runs to change and iterate with the market. With HILOS, brands shrink development times from the traditional 18 months down to as little as 90 days. 3D printing helps companies avoid molds and tooling, eliminating up to a quarter million in upfront costs. Products are printed, assembled, and drop-shipped directly to the customer within 72 hours. HILOS’ 3D printing patents also take what was traditionally 65 parts assembled in 360 steps down to 5 parts assembled in 12 steps. Easy snap-together assemblies and digital tooling allow for minimal labor, making localized production viable at scale.


HILOS had a few '22 growth milestones:

Last year, HILOS announced $5 million in funding with investors and industry leaders on board: Eric Sprunk, retired Nike Chief Operating Officer, and Greg Bui, retired Nike VP of Global Footwear Sourcing & Manufacturing. Greg Bui is leading a rapid scale-up of the technology and end-to-end supply chain solutions, and Eric Sprunk is helping advise and build out the company’s board.


At the end of 2023, HILOS launched its market platform, HILOS Studio, to mark its entrance into a wider industry design field that goes beyond women’s fashion footwear to include everything from technical outdoor to luxury. Unknown Union, a creative fashion house that bridges art, culture, and history was the first brand to launch with HILOS Studio. This news was announced at Art Basel Miami Beach 2023. 


At London Fashion Week 2024, HILOS launched a line with London-based Ancuta Sarca. HILOS CEO & Co-Founder, Elias Stahl, says of this announcement: “With this project, Ancuta Sarca marks a creative expansion into the world of 3D footwear, putting a completely new stamp on how the world views luxury footwear design. This is the first 3D-printed heel that combines printing harder nylons and softer TPU—recycled and recyclable—within one assembly, opening up a completely new range of design possibilities that still embody the performance and comfort that 3D promises.”


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Advisory Team

Elias Stahl, CEO & Co-Founder

Elias Stahl, CEO & Co-Founder

Elias Stahl is CEO & Co-Founder of HILOS, a new way to imagine and create without waste. HILOS blends deep tech with timeless craft to make footwear on-demand. 

Stahl founded HILOS from an ambition to change the way the world makes to allow for a creative economy without waste. Prior to HILOS, Stahl served in the Israeli special forces, worked on urban policy while at the National League of Cities, and helped Fortune 50 brands leverage their influence for social impact as VP of Product at Handshake. He holds an MA from Johns Hopkins University and a BA from the University of Toronto, is an avid history nerd, casual swing dancer, and an amateur distiller.

Eric Sprunk, retired Nike Chief Operating Officer & HILOS Board Member

Eric Sprunk, retired Nike Chief Operating Officer & HILOS Board Member

Eric Sprunk is a global consumer-retail industry leader with more than 25 years of experience delivering outstanding financial results, creating shareholder value, and building loyal, high-performing teams. Sprunk most recently served as the Chief Operating Officer of Nike after spending more than 12 years as the Chief Product Officer and is known for driving large-scale transformations with complex, diverse, global business environments and consistently delivering market-leading shareholder value and business outcomes. In addition to being a venture capitalist and working with a variety of private equity firms, Sprunk currently serves on the Board of Directors for General Mills, Bombardier, and Providence in addition to select private companies.  

Jonathan Cheung, former VP of Design and Innovation, LEVI’s, HILOS Advisory

Jonathan Cheung, former VP of Design and Innovation, LEVI’s, HILOS Advisory

Creative Director and brand strategist, Jonathan Cheung is the former Head of Design & Innovation for Levi’s. Prior to Levi’s, Cheung worked with two iconic designers, Franco Moschino and Giorgio Armani. He now works at the crossroads of design, innovation and culture as a consultant for brands and advisor to companies changing the future of fashion. 

Christopher-Jacques Morency

Former Chief Brand Officer of Vanguards Fashion Group and partner to HILOS

Christopher-Jacques Morency, former Chief Brand Officer of Vanguards Fashion Group and partner to HILOS

Christopher Morency is a journalist and brand consultant based in London. Most recently, he held the role of Chief Brand Officer at new luxury group Vanguards, overseeing brand strategy, marketing, and positioning of the group and its portfolio brands - including Nanushka and SUNNEI - as well as identifying acquisition targets. Prior to Vanguards, Morency worked as a consultant for luxury brands and served as Editorial Director at influential media title Highsnobiety where he led on the company’s transition from a streetwear-focused publication to a global style authority operating at the intersection of contemporary youth culture and new luxury.


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