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Leg Lamp Remixed by grootsnoot

Leg Lamp Remixed by grootsnoot

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This model is 500% the original model, if you change the scale the screws and nuts won't fit, this one is about 900mm tall including the base and lamp shade. I've changed a few things from this awesome model by jetpuf and they are as follows:

  1. The original had the wire exposed between the arch of the heel and the base, I created a tunnel to conceal this.

  2. I added M4 size nut inserts to the bottom of the shoe, push some nuts in there to make sure they fit nice then put a dab of super glue and the nuts in. if they do not fit, I just went arounf the edge lightly with an xacto knife until it fit, remember check before gluing!

  3. I added inset holes to the base for M4 screws to be placed through the bottom of the base and to be screwed into the M4 nuts that were put into the bottom of the shoe as mentioned in point number 2.

  4. The thigh is printed upside down to reduce supports becuase I made the neck of the hole smaller to be able to cut threads for a 1/4" hollow threaded rod which the power cable will pass through. The thigh will need supports but it's very very very very very minimal. If the hole is too small, just drill it out a bit. I added some superglue down the threads of the bottom of the rod after I screwed it in as well.

If you have never made a lamp before like me before I made this, it's a super easy project! I used a kit like this:


And watched this 3 min video:


That should be all you need!


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