4D Fusion Multicolor

There are a lot of doubts, and tough competition, but Adidas’ confidence in Carbon technology for midsoles have continued to pay off. Price points for some footwear models have dropped, and new models continue to come out, like the multi-colored 4D Fusion. Many new technologies are coming out, and 3D printed shoes will continue to improve. The 4D Fusion is a lightweight running sneaker with an upper made from Primeknit technology, which is ideal for automating the footwear manufacturing workflow. The upper’s color is a mixture of black, pink, and orange knits.


The 3D printed midsole of the 4D fusion is also multicolor. By using Carbon’s Digital Synthesis tech, the lattice weave of light and oxygen to create a workable resin appears thinner than other 4D products. While Adidas has started offering white and black colors 3D midsoles, a 4D Fusion presents a mix of colors with the white tip gradually changing to a new color, to match the upper.


Original Article: https://www.3dprintingmedia.network/new-4d-fusio-model-from-adidas-confirms-3d-printed-midsoles-are-here-to-stay/

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