Oct 15, 2020

100 Percent 3D Shoes

Heron Preston is venturing into the world of 3D printed footwear. The director of the company has teamed up with Zell...

Jan 27, 2020

HP's 3D Insoles

HP announced a further expansion of its 3D printed insoles business thanks to a partnership with New Balance and Supe...

Dec 25, 2019

3D Printed Orthoses And People With Flat Feet

People with flat feet often turn to custom foot orthoses (FOs), which can be fabricated using 3D printing and scannin...

Sep 1, 2019

Mass Product Customization

Standardization of products has become the norm when it comes to mass production. Products come in limited sizes to a...

Jan 21, 2019

Ortholite And Superfeet Insoles

The number of people suffering from foot pain is rising, and the health market is growing. Because of this, footwear ...

Jan 9, 2019

A Partnership For Insoles

Most of you may be familiar with Dr. Scholl’s brand insoles. I personally use them almost every day because I am alwa...

Jan 6, 2019

ShapeCrunch 3D Insoles

As someone who ran track in the past, I know comfortable running shoes can be an important thing to have. However, pe...

Feb 8, 2018

Shapecrunch Orthotic Insoles

3D printing is affecting areas such as aerospace, because of the creation of rocket components, igniters, and more. T...
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