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SCRY "Shadow" Sneakers

Some may look at 3D printing as the future of shoemaking. Some major companies are in the lead, such as Adidas. However smaller, futuristic units are making progress with their idea of 3D printed shoes. An example of this is the Shuttle “Shadow,” by SCRY. This shoe is a black silhouette, which at the first glance appears aerodynamically inspired by a racecar. SCRY announced its first 3D printed shoe that utilizes Digital Embryo, which is an integrated printing process, to bring a digital sneaker that is assembled without unnecessary material waster or lengthy assembly line. The sneaker is the result of about two years of design, research, and experimentation, which bring an innovative, sustainable, and personalized future to the footwear industry. The completely 3D printed Shuttle “Shadow” is created in one one-piece contoured design in black color. Its appearance is complemented by a midsole filled with an innovative lattice structure for a soft, cushiony feel. Made without wasting any material, the silhouette also makes recycling more convenient traditional sneakers. The Shuttle “Shadow” is expected to go on sale starting January 31, with an asking price of $650. This is an example of another 3D printed shoe that will help shape the footwear industry.


Original Article: https://www.yankodesign.com/2021/01/08/this-fully-3d-printed-shoe-by-the-edgy-brand-scry-is-a-shoe-you-can-completely-recycle/

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