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HP's 3D Insoles

HP announced a further expansion of its 3D printed insoles business thanks to a partnership with New Balance and Superfeet. Select New Balance stores will be offering personalized 3D printed insoles using the solutions provided by HP and its partners. Back in 2017, HP began to offer insoles that could be tailored to the individual through a foot scanning device, dubbed Fitstation. HP’s insoles are made from BASF’s thermoplastic polyurethane, ULTRASINT, meant to be sufficiently flexible and elastic for footwear applications. You will likely have heard of New Balance, but Superfeet may be less familiar. Superfeet is an insole and footwear manufacturer with products in stores such as Dick’s and Nordstrom’s. The company also offers 3D printed products made with FitStation and MJF.


3D printed insoles continue to be an important entry point for 3D printing into the consumer market. When it comes to consumer-specific products, it is very apparent that insoles fall into this area. Insoles are not as complex and expensive to make as an entire show. However, it helps introduce consumers to personally tailored, 3D printed goods, while allowing brands to mass customize products. HP has the corporate strength to come out ahead of companies like Wiivv and Sols. HP company will be showcasing a range of its 3D-printed footwear products at the ISPO Munich sports business trade show this week.


Original Article: https://3dprint.com/262637/hp-teams-with-new-balance-and-superfeet-for-3d-printed-custom-insoles/


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