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Ortholite And Superfeet Insoles

The number of people suffering from foot pain is rising, and the health market is growing. Because of this, footwear retailers are focusing more on the insole of the shoe. The insole is not part of the style so it is often relegated to the back corners of footwear stores. Insoles are sold as either an insert or part of the shoe, but people do not give them as much credit as they should. People have their own ways of walking but they can develop ways that place a lot of strain on the foot. We can only do so much for ourselves when our shoes are failing to provide the appropriate support. Ortholite is one of the largest suppliers of insoles and can be found in 500 million pairs of shoes. They released several eco-friendly designs made from recycled post-post-production foam. It is patent-patent-pending but has been adopted by multiple brands for launch in 2019 and 2020.


Superfeet create insoles for the consumer, and they understand that specifics can make a difference in performance. Recently they have announced they are launching their Me3D series. It will offer fully customized insoles produced using a 3D scan that is then 3D printed to exact measurements. It will not only look at the shape of the customer’s feet but also take into account their biometric data. Customers will be able to expect their custom insoles within 72 hours of purchasing them. The best insoles are the ones designed to work with a particular shoe. Customers understand what they want from their shoes, and with 3D printing, it is becoming easier to bring them what they want.


Original Article: https://footwearnews.com/2019/business/technology/best-shoe-insoles-orthotics-3-d-scans-1202728969/


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