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The Exobiology Collection

A new 3D printed shoe collection has been revealed by Ica and Kostika. They are both appealing and unique, but they do not appear at first like they are comfortable. With the help of 3D printing, the shoes are designed to perfectly fit the shape of each individual consumer’s foot. Last year their first 3D printed shoe, the Mycelium shoe, was introduced. This year a full collection called the Exobiology Collection will feature other models just as strange and fascinating. The collection features 3D printed shoes such as the Seahorse. It has a curving, arching form that envelops the foot and tapers into a tall heel. The spine shoe resembles the spinal column, and curves over the toes to keep the shoes from falling off. As for their coral shoe, it is very impressive to look at. The shoe resembles a silvery coral and comes in three different versions.  


The shoes in this collection are a sight to behold, and some are available in a variety of versions or colors. Surprisingly, ordering a pair from this collection is like ordering insoles from a company like Wiivv. All you do is download app and take a series of pictures of your feet. The company then uses those pictures to map out your feet and shape the interior of the shoes to be a perfect fit. The shoes are then 3D printed and finished with automotive-grade technology, so they will hold up well if you wear them regularly. Ica and Kostika produce their shoes in small production runs, so they are currently taking limited requests to produce shoes from the Exobiology Collection. It may be rare to see shoes from this collection because only five pairs were made of their Mycelium shoes. However, you can guarantee that the will look great and be produced with the best technology.


Original Article: https://3dprint.com/233811/3d-printed-exobiology-shoe-collection-is-inspired-by-nature-and-custom-made/


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