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Solution To Healthier Feet

Jet Bussemaker, the Dutch Education Minster, had a previous outfit of hers featured at the 2015 Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. The most notable parts of her outfit were the 3D printed high heels, which were made by the Technical University of Eindhoven and the footwear education institution SLEM. The shoes were part of an initiative by SLEM to bring together footwear designers and non-footwear designers to work with the technology of 3D printing to design shoes. The designs ended up being featured at the Dutch Design Week and they were very impressive.

The Dutch minister of education purchased the shoes in order to show off the possibilities and potential of 3D printing technology. The process of designing and creating the custom fit 3D printed shoes was very complex. The designers had to take into account various factors such as weight support, structural integrity, and thermodynamics; Types of factors that have to be looked at by many 3D printed shoes, including those found on 3DShoes.com. The goal was to create a comfortable shoe that was a perfect fit for Jet Bussemaker in every way possible.

Kinetic considerations and the support from the shoe are very important, because chronic foot pain and serious foot problems can arise later in life but begin decades before and may not be noticeable. The goal is to eliminate all discomfort, and design ultra customized shoes to keep feet active. The shoes save materials by being created in one piece, and also printed out of FilaFlex, which can be recycled. The shoes were created by SLEM using an Ultimaker 3D printer, and it took 108 hours to finish printing.


Original Article: http://www.3ders.org/articles/20151028-3d-printed-shoes-solution-to-healthier-feet-says-troy-nachtigall.html



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