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ARIA - patented bioengineering inspired breathable insole

ARIA technology reinvents the footbed role

ARIA technology transformed the traditionally static comfort improvement role of the insoles in a new 360 dynamic climate controlled system. In fact, no matter the amount of perspiration, nor the heat that your feet create… the ARIA insole will help you to counter balance these negative factors, constantly working to regulate the temp and moisture inside any type of closed footwear you wear, providing the optimal environment for your foot in any condition of use. 

This project initially began as research for the diabetic foot, in which controlling the moisture inside the shoe reduces the likelihood of skin lesions and facilitates the healing processes of pre-existing lesions. In order to raise the funds to certify it as a medical device, we decided to offer it initially as a consumer product.  By supporting the project, you will help us increase the likelihood that ARIA technology will soon become available to people with diabetic feet.

Current version of the ARIA insole
Main constituent elements

Our patented technology, combined with the quality and premium materials chosen (best polyurethane for the base and premium calf crust for the cover), have enabled us to create a unique product that will last over time.

Each footbed can accommodate two sizes. We have already made the sizes 42/43 which are available for immediate delivery. The success of this campaign will allow us to offer you the other sizes.

Our story - Our Vision 

Looking for a solution to overcome the limitations of current breathable footwear (e.g. high price, poor performance, poor aesthetics, water infiltration, etc.), after several innovation exercises, we realised that we had to focus on an element common to all shoes and independent of the design of the shoe: this element is the insole.

The development took more than a year and involved the creation of a mathematical model, a data acquisition system to measure temperature and humidity in the shoe and numerous prototypes ... but in the end, we managed to develop the product with the performance we were looking for.

Mathematical model of the moisture trend inside the shoes
16-channel real-time acquisition system based on Arduino board and SHT3x temperature and humidity sensor
manual production of prototypes
the working phases of the first prototype

How to fit the ARIA insole in your shoes

All you need to customise your ARIA insole is a pen and a pair of scissors.


Remove the insole supplied in the shoe and place it on top of the ARIA insole. Use the marker to highlight the portion of the ARIA insole in excess (if any). Use scissors to cut off the unnecessary portion of the ARIA Insole.

When used, the footbed must not be compressed laterally, otherwise the moisture evacuation channel could become occluded and impair its function.


Put the shoe on, moving the 11 cm long and 3 mm thick soft ergonomic flap so that it occupies the empty cavity formed by the inner malleolus, the Achilles tendon and the shoe upper. Once you have found the right angle for the lateral flap, fix it with the belt-like loop, and remove the excess flap so that it is invisible from the outside.

Clarifications and disclaimers

The following graphs show in more detail the experimental results obtained with the current version of the ARIA footbed when used in non-breathable, boot-like footwear of medium height (up to the ankle).

Relative Humidity under the fingers
Temperature under the fingers

However, it should be noted that the level of moisture and temperature reduction in other footwear is highly dependent on many parameters (e.g. the materials of the footwear, any breathable inserts incorporated into the sole or upper, the physical activity of the user and their degree of plantar perspiration, the temperature and humidity of the environment outside the shoe, etc.). Therefore, although we are certain of the benefit you will derive from the use of ARIA insoles, we cannot guarantee that the performance obtained under experimental conditions will be the same as that which you will obtain by using the ARIA insole in your shoe.

Environmental commitments

Visit our Environmental Resources Center to learn how Kickstarter encourages sustainable practices.

Long-lasting design

Our manufacturing partner has more than forty years of experience in the production of insoles and supplies the best Italian footwear companies. The quality of its products is guaranteed by its ISO 9001 quality system. The ARIA footbed is made of the best polyurethane for the base, a premium calf crust for the cover. Specific stress tests have demonstrated its ability to resist over time.



SUPPORT THEIR CAMPAIGN : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ernestourbano/aria-insole-breakthrough-patented-breathing-insole

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