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Shoes that won't cramp your toes, or your style.


WHY are we different than other barefoot/dress shoes:

  •  Barefoot dress shoes all looked awkward, unfinished in a lot of ways, and/or they were made with cheap looking leather.  They just couldn't stack up to a nice pair of wingtips from a designer.
  •  Traditional dress shoes left us feeling bad about our choice to put our foot health and posture in the back seat for the sake of looking good.
  •  Hybrid sneaker-dress shoes we're just never a option for us; because wearing sneakers with a suit just isn't our thing.


OUR GOAL is to bring to life shoes that both help your foot health and keep you looking great doing it.  Made with the same leathers and suedes, and similar manufacturing processes as high end dress shoes and boots with price tags of $600-$1,000+.

To make a pair of shoes that if you only had to buy one pair for the rest of your life these shoes would last, look good over time, and be comfortable for hours on end.

A shoe that feels good and looks good.  A shoe that combines the form of natural anatomy with timeless aesthetics that make dress shoes look amazing.


 The problems we saw with dress shoes and what we're doing about it!


In addition to these features we are also offering three heel heights, so you can choose between a zero drop, near zero drop, or a more traditional look. 

Please see Updates tab for information on ZERO DROP.
  •  Money-Back Guarantee: If you decide you don't like your shoes within the first month of receiving it, you can return it for a full refund, no questions asked.
  •  Early-Bird Discount: There is no "early-bird" pledge level because all the reward tiers have a discount with larger tiers having a bigger discount compared to retail.
  •  Upgrade Later: Unsure if you want the Deluxe features or the just the Standard ones? We'll give you the chance to upgrade at the end of the campaign so you don't miss out on savings from retail.
  •  We Listen: We are open to hearing everything our backers have to say.  We are prompt with addressing any questions or concerns, and value all backer input.
  •  Kickstarter Backers Come First: Our backers have a special place in our hearts. That means you'll get your shoes before any retail orders begin, and we will always be completely honest and transparent with you.
  •  Because We Need You: We've covered the cost of the first 2 versions and some initial raw material orders, but we can't bring in everything to make Free Form Shoes the way we want without your support.
  •  Kickstarter-Exclusive Stretch Goals: See below for some stretch goals that will make your shoes or boots unique. 
  •  Kickstarter-Exclusive Shoes: Check out our Limited Edition shoe that will only be offered for the backers who select that specific pledge level.
  • We wanted the shoes and boots to be worth the price, which meant they needed to last a long time and look great out of the box and look even better over time.
  • A lot of shoes will use box calf leather, which isn't bad.  But for our shoes and boots we wanted to bring something spectacular to the market and make it widely available to our backers and customers.
  • The tanneries we have chosen to work with are:

Horween in Chicago for their renowned Chromexcel line.

C.F. Stead in England for the best suede available, along with some great roughout leathers.

Maryam tannery in Italy for their rich colors of leathers and shell cordovan.

Version 2.0
Version 2.0

Shown here are the Version 2.0 shoes, Version 3.0 is what you will get when you back this project.  The changes as we move to 3.0 are very subtle concerning the shoes, and a bit more with regards to the boots.  Final versions of all shoes will be posted as an update once the campaign is over so you can guarantee you have the choice of leather and style you are most happy with!

Here's the list of changes coming in Version 3.0:

  • Slightly lower toe spring.
  • Boots changed from a Blake welt to a Goodyear welt. 
  • Fun patterns inside the shoe on the wool lining.
  • Horween or Maryam leather, C.F. Stead suede
Concept Art - Wingtip in Hunting Green Suede

A shoe we will only produce for the backers of this specific reward tier.  While in the future we will run more limited editions hopefully every 2 months, depending on availability of fun leathers, suedes, and textiles being available, we will never again offer this exact combination.

So grab yours today, because once they're gone we won't bring them back as a promise and perk to those backers.


I'm Joey and for the last 7 years I have worked as a Physical Therapist Assistant(PTA) in a variety of fields.  I have always valued foot and ankle strength, mobility, and stability in my patients.  What I saw was a lot of out of shape feet, mostly due to the choice of footwear and lack of education about what feet/shoes should look like and be able to do.

It felt natural to create this product, since it involved two things I cared about–natural strength and dress shoes/boots.  So I began with a prototype I built in my garage, it wasn't pretty but it gave me a start; and now I am ready after 2 fully, professionally handcrafted versions to pull all the strings together to make this project a reality in a big way with your help!

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