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Magician X FDM 3D Printer: Innovator of Auto-Leveling

An amazing modular FDM 3D Printer unleashes your 3D printing potential!

Manual leveling is challenging, especially when you don’t want it to keep you from having a smooth and rewarding printing experience. With Magician X, you only need to press one button and the printer’s intelligent leveling system will automatically adjust its hotbed.  

Featuring a precise pressure strain gauge, Magician X has a 16-point precise nozzle for quick and precise calibration, requiring no effort or skills to be perfectly leveled and ready to perfectly print your creations!

Magician X comes 99% pre-assembled. There’s no learning curve. You just need to install the gantry, install six screws and the filament holder, and connect the cable. That’s it—do that and it’s ready to rock!

When you’re seeing your creation come to life, the last thing you want is an entangled filament that makes you waste time and resources. You want the filament to simply keep running, which is exactly what Magician X’s Double-Gear Extrusion System will do for you. You can rely on Magician X’s precise filament delivery, which is compatible with PLA, ABS and TPU.

With a TMC2209 Stepper Motor Drive, this unique printer delivers an ultra-silent printing process that’s fast, quiet and reliable, preventing you from missing steps during the printing process. 

Magician X’s working platform is made of Carborundum Glass, which can be heated in a balanced way. This means that while there’s strong adhesion, there’s no warping, and your creation can easily be removed from the platform without being damaged when you remove it. 

 Magician X is equipped with a 3.5 inch Color Touch Screen featuring an intelligent and intuitive UI interface. There’s no complex exclusive software to work with, and there’s no lengthy round of tutorials to watch. You can simply control and run a smooth printing operation from this extraordinarily simple touch screen.

In terms of versatility, Magician X is truly unbeatable. The filament holder can be installed either on the left or on the right side of the printer, adjusting to your requirements and offering a more comfortable user experience.

Layer shift is a common problem that your conventional 3D printer doesn’t help prevent. It gets even worse if you’re not sure how to prevent it. That’s why we designed Magician X with a dual Z-axis with a synchronous belt so that it seamlessly ensures there’s a stable vertical operation always running. 

Magician X can also upgrade your printing experience with “Auto Filament Detection”. That means when you have run out of filament in the process, the system will automatically pause. Once you refill the filament, the process will restart.

Worried about your creative journeys making your printer overheat? That’s not an issue with Magician X since its design support your printing work at a speed of 100mm/s while delivering impressive heat dissipation. In a nutshell, this means that the printing head adopts a double fan two-way heat dissipation system, keeping the printer from over-heating and cooling down the printed models.

Exclusivity helps brands, not users, which is why we made Magician X compatible with a variety of slicing software, such as Cura, Simplify 3D, and Repetier-Host, among other software.

Magician X supports printing input from various sources, including USB Flash Drive, SD card, and Type-C connection, offering you more ways to work.

As part of the user-centric design of Magician X, you can adjust the belt tightness on the X/Y axis to achieve an extremely high printing precision.

Magician X offers you solutions to print your product and create prototypes in high and precise quality. Just print whatever ideas you have on your dreaming products!

With its quick and efficient calibration technique and all-in-one assembly, Magician X makes you achieve anything that you design. Any 3D printer enthusiast needs Magician X!

#Magician X FDM 3D Printer- Demonstration Video

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Our company, Shenzhen MINGDA Technology Co., Ltd is an enterprise dedicated to bringing 3D printing technology to consumers. Since 2012, we've been committed to the leveling technology of 3D printers. Magician X is a great leap from manual to automatic leveling. Thus, Kickstarter is the very platform that helps us make our design reach more people and get supports from 3D enthusiasts.  In the spirit of crowdfunding, we not only want to extend our new ideas to the 3D printing industry, get new feedbacks from backers, but also look forward to cooperating with Kickstarter.

We now have a fully developed and working prototype of Magician X FDM 3D Printer that, with your support, we intend to manufacture and bring to you soon—which is why we invite you to:

● Choose one of the great rewards that we’re offering in order to get Magician X FDM 3D Printer early and for a very special price while also showing your support to our project

● Share this campaign on social media to help us get the word out about Magician X FDM 3D Printer

● Talk to your friends and family members about Magician X FDM 3D Printer—they may also want it for themselves

Shenzhen MINGDA Technology Co., Ltd, founded in 2009, a high-tech enterprise specializing in the OEM/ODM & sales of 3D printers,  owns two series of DIY and Whole professional machines, fully meeting the needs of different users.

The products have passed many international quality and environmental certifications such as CE, FCC, and ROHS, and we export to Europe, the United States, Australia, Russia, and the United Kingdom , Germany, Singapore, Egypt, India more than 180 countries.

Our factory has modern production line,we have R&D department, Software and electronic engineer, and also structure engineer and professional test lines. Our company's advanced quality control system, ensuring the high quality of products from the source. 



SUPPORT THEIR CAMPAIGN: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/magicianx/magician-x-fdm-3d-printer-innovator-of-auto-leveling

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