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Brooks' Mazama 2 Trail Shoe

The company Brooks recently released their Mazama 2 running shoe. It is their lightest trail shoe and is made for those runners who want to take their workout off road. The shoe features a lightweight mesh upper with minimal targeted cushioning which helps keep the weight of the shoe down. Those who tested it said the feel made navigation trails a breeze. The outsole has enough grip for the outside terrain but also features the versatility for road running. The midsole has two overlapping layers of cushioning to cause natural transition through each stride. Testers of the shoe liked that it sits close enough to the ground that they could feel the trail, which helps navigate roots and rocks. The studs on the outsole are not as deep as other trail shoes, but they make up for it in grip and traction. This makes the shoes feel less clunky and gives them a zippy feel during runs.


Overall testers said the Mazama 2 had no problem handling dry trails but struggled a little when the trails got sloppy or slippery. The upper features a lace garage, which allows its wearers to tuck their laces within a small flap on the tongue. Laces can be clean and secure rather than dragging through the mud on the trails. Another bonus is the shoe’s 3D printed stretchy, rubber reinforcements built throughout the upper. The rugged patterns add extra support around the heel and toe area. Rubber enhancements in the right places help the Mazama 2 remain light and breathable without sacrificing protection. As someone who used to run, I can see how a 3D printed shoe like this could really take off!


Original article: https://www.runnersworld.com/gear/a20844422/brooks-mazama-2-shoe-review/


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