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Footwear manufacturers aim for the perfect fit, perfect comfort, and ultimate performance. ECCO wants to customize shoes for each consumer rather than shoes designed for a standardized foot. For their quantified you (Quant-U) experiment they partnered with Dassault Systèmes who are dedicated to 3D design and applications. Together the companies developed a system to create customized 3D printed silicone midsoles that help ECCO’s shoes meet the exact size, shape, and movement of the wearer’s feet. The midsole of the shoe plays an important role when it comes to the performance and comfort of the footwear. Rather than standard polyurethane midsoles, they feature 3D printed silicone inserts. Each midsole has its own volume, orthotic shape, and dynamic load of the individual’s foot.


In a little over an hour, a customer can get a full digital analysis of their feet and walk out of the store with shoes featuring 3D printed customized midsoles. First anatomical scans and sensor data built a unique digital footprint. Next Dassault’s platform interprets the biomechanical data using machine learning and structural simulations to create geometries to 3D print the midsole. Last, in as little as 45 minutes, the customized midsoles are printed in the store from pure silicone This is revolutionizing how consumers will be able to purchase footwear. It is another demonstration of how beneficial 3D printed footwear will be to everyone.


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