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Jack&Hyde - Design Your Unique High End Men Shoes

You can now design your unique high end leather shoe with our innovatie 3D design tool. Choose your favorite style and start designing!

Jack&Hyde is a young dynamic luxury brand based in Belgium. Being a man, finding the right shoe is not always an easy task. To make the search more interesting, we've recently launched an innovative 3D design tool where you can create your unique leather shoe, being a classic model or a casual model.

You can test the 3D Design Desk on our site!

Select your preffered model and style, and you will be redirected to the design desk. You can almost change every element of your shoe, from material to color. But one thing is not customizable: the quality of the shoe!

We are based in Belgium, but our master artisan shoemakers are based in Spain. 


When visiting our website, you'll notice that our design tool is already up and running, with all the possible shoe models available. By backing us via Kickstarter, you give us the opportunity to organise and combine production, thus creating more financial freedom to invest in the brand and promote Jack&Hyde on different media. We don't like mass production and the use of low quality material to lower down the prices, so we carefully pick our partners and the people we work with. But this requires investing in time and money. And you can help us with our growth!

Within this campaign, we give you the possibility to design your own shoes at a lower price than on our site. This is exclusively for backers.

After the campaign has ended and you are one of our backers (thanks!), you will get the opportunity to design and order your custom made shoe, with estimated delivery in October of 2017. Every shoe is made-to-order, so every shoe has a unique production process. During the campaign, you can freely test the design tool and discover the many possibilities, that way you know what you are backing. 


Our first prototype shoe we designed and made is the double monk in cognac painted calf leather, with leather sole and red insole. Very stylish and durable. 



I added a small detail to make these shoes unique. This is one of the many possibilities you will have. 

Order your Jack&Hyde Classic shoes and show the world who you are!

Different Styles

The Classic shoe models are available in 2 different styles: Zurigo and Monti. 

Different Models

Choose your favorite shoe out of 10 shoe models. Do you prefer boots? 4 different boot models are waiting your creativity. 



Next to our classic models, you'll find 11 casual shoe models. All made from high quality materials by the same master shoemakers as the classic shoes. Being casual with style!



You can find a detailed sizing table on our website, but we also have a calculator available during the order process that will help you choosing the right size. This is really important to create the perfect shoe, so we care about the way you take measurements. 


First you choose the reward you prefer. The advantage is that you can test it on our website and discover all the models. On the website you will see the normal prices. As a backer you will get the prices mentioned on the reward. 

Do not order your shoes yet. Ordering is only possible after the crowdfunding campaign has successfully ended. You will receive a unique code so you can order the shoe you will design or already designed during the test phase. 

You will have 2 months (July and August) to design your shoes at the prices mentioned in the rewards. After August, the ordered shoes will go in production.

Did you miss the campaign? No worries, you can always order shoes via our site, but at the prices mentioned on the site. 


We want te become the place to be for the modern man. Next to our high end shoes, where you can show your personality by adding details, we want to offer you the possibility to buy complementary chinos, denim, shirts, t-shirts, polos, jumpers, underwear, accessories, etc. Jack&Hyde needs to make a statement.

For now, we focus solely on high end leather shoes. But thanks to this crowdfunding campaign, we will achieve our dreams a lot faster. 


SUPPORT THEIR CAMPAIGN: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jackandhyde/jackandhyde-design-your-unique-leather-men-shoes

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