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Women's​ high heel shoes using 3D Printing Technology.

Fine Art meets Fashion Design   

Rear view.

JL3D is a unique women's' footwear brand that brings the fusion of the finest traditional craftsmanship methods in shoe-making and the fine art of designing such intricate and ornate heels and wedges using 3D Printing technology.

We are looking raise some additional funding for the next phase of our long-term project to make this brand a huge success and in return would like to offer our backers a pair of Made to Order JL3D shoes. 

We have the infrastructure in place to run the business efficiently - we work closely with Deeasjer Ltd a company based in London who offer Private Label services to start-up footwear brands like ourselves, they take care of every last detail of the process - the manufacturing (Made in London), the suppliers of the materials/components of the highest quality (Sourced from Italy, Spain and France) and they even help us market the brand to help and grow the name! 

JL3D SHOES Creative Director - Jairaj Lall

ABOUT THE FOUNDER JAIRAJ (Jai) LALL   -  For those of you that don’t know me very well, I was born with a condition called Moebius Syndrome.  This affected my facial muscles (born with a cleft palate, unable to smile and blink) , legs and feet (born woth talipes - bent feet) amongst other things. The doctors told my parents/family that the chances of me walking and talking were very slim. But I proved them wrong time and time again going from strength to strength in every aspect of life. I have been through primary school, high school, college and have gained a Fine Art degree from Leeds Arts University and now I have launched my own footwear brand! It’s been a long and tough journey to get to this point but it just shows my sheer determination and passion for what I do.

I have been interviewed by both the BBC and ITV Yorkshire about my story and the launch of the brand.



SUPPORT THEIR CAMPAIGN: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jl3dshoes/jl3d-shoes-a-unique-womens-footwear-brand

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