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LightCity-The First 100% waterproof massage shoe

100% Waterproof, breathable,massage sneaker that keeps your feet comfortable everyday in every scenes.dark magic defense.

LightCity bring you the first extremely comfortable massage waterproof shoes——One Pair is enough!

LightCity One Pair Is Enough

This is a pair of shoes designed to give your feet an extremely comfort and protection experience. Suitable for all kinds of weather,seasons and scenarios.

If your city is raining now, you must be careful to avoid stepping on water. It is easy to make your shoe wet, then soak your socks.So that you have to endure the wet shoes and set in wet socks all day long. Standing on "giu giu giu" voice inside your shoes when you walk, but have to smile to others at the same time, how unbearable! Lightcity's waterproof shoes will put an end to that.

LightCity Waterproof Shoe

With the hydrophobic materials,most of the waterdrops can not keep on the surface of LightCity waterproof shoes.

If you soak your shoes in the water, the Nano waterproof fibre layer can avoid the hydrone get into the shoes.

LightCity Waterproof Material

With such magical technology, there's no need to endure the discomfort of soggy socks, and proper insulation can keep your feet in peak condition. No more worries about rainy trips or puddles

LightCity Waterproof Shoe

LightCity Waterproof Testing

Wet shoes aren't the only pain a rainy day can bring. Dirt accidentally splashed on the road can also get your uppers dirty. This can ruin your good mood. It may even affect your date or business. Lightcity makes this easy -- just rinse with water.

Coffee Splashed
Coke Splashed

If a shoe has to be waterproof and dirt resistant, it must be very airtight, right? No! Lightcity's nanoporous shoe filter technology makes shoes waterproof and breathable at the same time. You don't have to put up with sweltering heat inside your shoes, while keeping them warm in cold weather.

LightCity Breathable

Buy pairs of breathable waterproof boots, breathable shoes and sneakers for at least $300. Now you can buy it for $99. Doesn't that cool?

Let's look inside.

The breathable upper of the shoe makes our feet breathable, while the anti-bacteria sole also reduces the growth of bacteria, preventing beriberi and odor.

LightCity Anti-Bacteria Insole

Lightcity shoes have a magnetic spring module inside the sole at the part of heel. It vibrates according to the vibrations you generate when you stamp by your heel, and feeds back to the soles of your feet as massaging experience, relieving fatigue, and bringing rhythmic feedback to your every step. In some countries, it is believed that constant heel massage can relieve insomnia.

Lightcity Magnetic Spring Module

The spring module does not trigger during normal walking and running, but produces a noticeable vibration when a heel stamp on the ground. This vibration can bring a tingling feeling, like a swept guitar string. We are also curious about how this spring can have any more fun way to play, you can also try it and tell us about your feelings.

As you know that jumping and running will creates several times the impact of your body weight. The soles, made of EVA material with super resilience, can absorb a lot of impact from each landing, especially for jumping and running. Can effectively protect the human heel, ankle, knee, spine and other important part.

LightCity EVA Midsole

Let's compare the cushioning effect between LightCity and other shoes

LightCity with EVA Midsole
Other Shoes

For The heel safty The u-shaped heel cup design not only corrects walking posture, but also prevents ankle sprains and fatigue.

Flexible sole allows your shoe to bend to your foot without appearing stiff.  If your soles are too hard, they can make you feel tired after a long walk or run.  

LightCity Flexible Sole
LightCity Easy To Bend

The sole of the shoe is designed to prevent slippage even in rainy days.  

LightCity Anti Slip Sole

In addition, when we tested the waterproof properties of shoes, we also had some video shows LightCity can prevent damage from dark magic like this:

We put LightCity and Other shoe into the water tank. Filled with water then put them into refrigerator until them frozen in the icecube.

Put LightCity and Other Shoes Frozen In The Ice

Then we use the endoscope look inside both of them. Can easily found that the other shoe without waterproof had already frozen inside. But LightCity keep dry and clean inside. which means LightCity provide a long term waterproof effect.

Endoscope Views Inside LightCity and Other Shoe

And we also had a high temperature try!

it's same test,but Left side is the under a normal lens,right side is under a thermal lens:

LightCity Hot Water Protection

 WARNING:The video was filmed under protective precautions. DO NOT IMITATE!!!

It shows us the waterproof effect keep the hot water outside the shoes so that it can't harm you directly. But if the hot water can still heat condution inside the shoe. So LightCity avoid scalding injury in a short period.


SUPPORT THEIR CAMPAIGN: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1847142960/lightcity-the-first-100-waterproof-massage-shoe

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