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Mycelium High Heels

Design studio Ica and Kostika has recently created 3D printed high heels, and they are very interesting to look at. The Mycelium shoe features a texture that resembles a mushroom. While the shape looks like a shark fin coming away from the wearer’s leg. The shoes are not something you would see the average person wearing. They are being sold as limited edition so only five pairs will be available for purchasing. The silver heels, although they do not look like it, are designed for comfort. Like usual 3D printed shoes, they are customized for the wearer. They download an app and take pictures of their feet, which help the interior cavity be designed for their feet. The rest of the shoe is then 3D printed using automotive-grade technology.


The Mycelium shoe is the first one being introduced by Ica and Kostika and will be part of a collection called Exobiology. It is not very often you see high fashion combined with comfort, yet these ones managed to stay wearable. Usually, you see shoes printed for comfort such as athletic shoes and custom insoles. Other than that they are for artistic effect to show off the designs 3D printing is able to make. It is amazing to see the best of both worlds combined into one shoe. It will be something to see who the five to purchase them will be. Hopefully, we at 3Shoes.com will see many shoes like this in the future, with both looks and comfort.


Original Article: https://3dprint.com/221935/3d-printed-mycelium-shoe/


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