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Origin And 3D Partnerships

Origin, who is focused on bringing mass manufacturing to the addictive industry, has introduced a 3D printer. The “Origin One” is an SLA/DLP machine which combines materials, hardware, and software to make high volume 3D printing. With this technology, Origin has partnered with the large shoe manufacturer ECCO. It is expected that Origin’s additive approach will help reduce development time, lower costs, and accelerate time-to-market. Towards the beginning, Origin created NFC tags to authenticate original sneakers manufactured by Beast Mode. The founders of Origin came across some difficulties when trying to produce large quantities with the 3D printer. To help with this they used Autodesk’s SLA open source 3D printer. With some modifications, they were able to produce parts in high volume.


Origin developed a system using open materials, modular hardware, and software that causes the process to be automated. Because of this one operator can manage several machines for high volume production. Origin calls this Open Additive Production. As mentioned before, Origin is working with ECCO to help find an innovative way to manufacture shoes. Open materials may be a way to unlock 3D printing mass manufacturing. They are also working with BASF, who is creating a new line of photopolymers for them to use. Origin has also spoken with DSM to create materials to be used for open additive manufacturing. It will be amazing to see what Origin could help bring to the industry of 3D printed footwear.


Original Article: https://3dprintingindustry.com/news/origin-introduces-origin-one-3d-printer-for-high-volume-production-155714/


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