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Rains Launches 3D Puffer Sneaker With Zellerfeld Featuring ‘Puffy’ Elements Filled With 90% Air


Rains has released its 3D-printed Puffer Sneaker in collaboration with Zellerfeld.

The sneaker, which debuted in January at Paris Fashion Week Men’s, features an intentional sculptural appearance reminiscent of a stone carving.


According to Rains, the shoe also features a newly developed printed puffer element on the instep, which is reminiscent of its outerwear. The puffer elements are 90 percent air and were made without any physical labor. This is contrary to the traditional approach in which foam pieces needed to be sewn into textiles, which was known as a tedious process in footwear manufacturing.

In a statement on Friday, Tanne Vinter, head of design at Rains, called the shoe the “ultimate manifestation” of Rains in a shoe and praised Zellerfeld for developing a “dream scenario” for a design team.



Cornelius Schmitt, co-founder and CEO of Zellerfeld, added that the sneaker “beautifully showcases” the “superiority” of 3D-printed footwear. “Not only were we able to produce uniquely oversized and puffer elements that are traditionally complex to manufacture; we also did it with just one push of a button,” Schmitt said. “Our partnership with Rains is yet another shining example of our mission in action.”

The launch of the Puffer Sneaker marks a significant milestone for Zellerfeld. In February, the 3D-printed footwear tech company launched an open beta platform to the public where consumers can choose from 15 designs and “experience” how Zellerfeld makes its shoes and provide feedback on the process.

Prior to working with Rains, Zellerfeld helped produce a version of the YZY boot that was worn at Kanye West’s controversial show in Paris last October. The label has also previously produced runway styles for KidSuper and Heron Preston.

The new Rains Puffer Sneaker, which retails for $260, is now available for order on Zellerfeld.com and in Rains stores globally.


SOURCE: https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/rains-launches-3d-puffer-sneaker-204816263.html



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