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Reebok's Liquid Floatride Run

About two years ago Reebok introduced the Liquid Factory, a manufacturing process that uses robotics to create shoes in three dimensions. Liquid Factory uses a proprietary liquid material to draw shoes in 3D layers, which makes the shoe very unique. Now Reebok is introducing the Liquid Floatride Run, which combines Liquid Factory technology with Reebok’s signature Floatride Run sneaker. The new and improved shoe promises to be 20 percent lighter than the original and comes with liquid lace and liquid grip. Conventional shoes require laces that have to be tied, but Reebok solved that problem by 3D printing laces directly onto the shoe. Another innovation catching the attention of 3DShoes.com on 3D printed shoes.


The Liquid Factory method stretches across the top of the shoe at pressure points to keep your foot in place while still offering a slip-on-shoe. Liquid grip improves traction with stripes across the bottom of the shoe where needed. The rubber outsole often makes the bulk of the weight of a sneaker so by substituting it with liquid it reduces weight as well. The cushioning of the midsole is the same because it was named the Best Debut of Runner’s World in 2017 and what makes it so popular among athletes. The company appears to have plans for its Liquid Factory process to continue moving forward. The limited edition Liquid Floatride Run will be available on March 21st on Reebok’s website.


Original Article: https://www.digitaltrends.com/outdoors/reebok-liquid-floatride-run/


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