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ShoeBloxx - One shoe, infinite possibilities.

Express your individual creativity with this customised interchangeable shoe design innovation.
One shoe, infinite possibilities. ShoeBloxx is a trendy detachable shoe that gives you freedom to change layered designs easily anywhere, anytime which simplifies design, are affordable enough to own, versatile enough to store maintain and customizable in a sense that they can either buy or make their own designs. In short, just imagine ShoeBloxx as "LEGO for shoes" or "Project ARA for Google".


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  1. Decide which ShoeBloxx pair you would like then click the pink button that says "GET THIS PERK".
  2. Fill out your shipping information and continue with your payment.
  3. Receive and fill out the survey for size and design choices via email. (Alternatively, you can email thefuture@doyoushoe.com if you wish to have different design option for your ShoeBloxx.)
  4. We receive your choices and get your shipment out.
  5. You receive your order and enjoy never having just one shoe design on one shoe again! :)


Would you like to own a pair of ‪trendy detachable shoe called #‎ShoeBloxx‬ or get your whole family on-board? You can be the first to own this trendy, fun and revolutionary footwear today. Finally there's a reason for you to  discover and express your unlimited creativity and make each shoe uniquely yours!





Shoebloxx design option - The Hip Polygon.
ShoeBloxx detachable shoe concept.


ShoeBloxx was initially created in 2013 to tackle the carbon footprint issue (pun intended) by creating shoes that can be replaced by individual parts, should it get worn out. This trendy modular detachable footwear has since paved the way to bigger ideas. Now, not only can you replace your shoes by parts, but you can even customise the design and choose the type of fabrics of the shoe to reflect your individual personality; effortlessly.

As a sports enthusiast, having to lug around different set of shoes for different sport activities quite a hassle. The brilliant thing is, Shoebloxx can solve this problem too. Designed from the ground-up, ShoeBloxx is a unique three piece detachable shoe that is easy to use and allows you to switch or combine different type of outsoles to suit different types of activities anytime, anywhere.


Trendy modular footwear - Fun & easy to use.

Value Proposition:

ShoeBloxx is made in such a way that the upper part of the shoe (uppers) and the rubber bottom (outsole) could be detach from each other. With the shoes ability to be detachable, it opens up to a variety of possibilities that a normal shoe can't do, for example :

  1. Reduce ‘Wear & Tear’

  2. Machine Washable

  3. Space-Saving

  4. Ability to buy in ‘parts’

  5. Recycle Friendly

  6. Create Your Own Design

More importantly, ShoeBloxx is a shoe and an art canvas combined. As the upper can be detach form the bottom sole, it could then be flatten, transforming it into a canvas where you can create your own design on them and have a completely customised shoe made by YOU! So as you buy the shoe, you also get to bring out your creative side as well.

You want your kids to use ShoeBloxx because not only will it benefit them in solving the most common problems related to footwear, but it will also allow them to express their unique individual creativity plus developing their spatial creativity in the process.

One shoe, infinite possibilities - Multi layered design system.

What We Need & What You Get

We will officially launch ShoeBloxx in July 2016 under the DOYOUSHOE.COM label. We have currently received our first multiple orders for ShoeBloxx and is expecting for the demand to increase in the weeks to come.

This is an incredible motivation for us to start rolling out this awesome shoe. But the thing is, to start production we are required to have a minimum order of 10,000 pairs. If you buy this right now; we’ll hit the green light to go into production.




50K Goal Funding Achievement:
To achieve this target, we are offering our first 3 batch of ShoeBloxx design for our first backers! We will start on the immediate production as soon as we reach our funding goal of USD50,000.



Design 1: #enterthedragon
2x uppers
2x outsole/midsole
1x ShoeBloxx Tshirt


Design 2: #polygon
2x uppers
2x outsole/midsole
1x ShoeBloxx Tshirt


Design 3: #camo
2x uppers
2x outsole/midsole
1x ShoeBloxx Tshirt
*50K Funding Goal Limitation:
Because of limitation on how many shoes we will be producing, we can only achieve to manufacture a limited range of shoe size which is:

Men's sizes (US) :      7 - 8 - 9 -10 

Women's Sizes (US) :    5 - 6 - 7 - 8


100K Stretch Goal Achievement:
Lets make ShoeBloxx available to all! 

By achieving this stretch goal, we can finally produce the complete size range and also open up all design option including the bonus #pokemongo design series PLUS making our online platform for designers accessible to all!  We will start on the immediate production as soon as we reach our funding goal of USD100,000


All size available for 100k stretch goal:

Risks & Challenges

Creating  modular shoes with design focused values that can withstand a users everyday movements will not be easy. We are a very small startup without enough people and money to accomplish this on our own. Thanks to our many supporters who have enthusiastically contributed to taking on this challenge, however, we have reached a point at which we are confident we will be able to manufacture ShoeBloxx on a medium scale provided we can raise enough funds.


ShoeBloxx 2.0 - Updated and Patent pending.

At present we have produced our fourth prototype shoe and completed our basic activity based application, and we have also fabricated custom soles to hold the uppers designed by a engaging an established 3D printing agency. As long as we don’t run into problems with durability or the production process the current prototype models are ready to be turned into shoes we can ship to backers.

The first hurdle we will have to overcome in manufacturing ShoeBloxx shoes is the fabrication of metal moulds for the custom soles needed to hold the separate components. This is expensive, and new moulds must be made for each size of shoe. As a result, even if we meet our minimum funding goal we won't necessarily be able to produce a satisfactory range of sizes. We will decide what sizes to produce based on the level of funding we receive and then send backers the one best suited to their measurements. We may run into difficulties that will delay shipment of our product. We will post regular updates to keep backers informed of our progress and respond to comments and questions as quickly as we can.

For full details of our warranty policy, you can go to our policy page here: 

Other Ways You Can Help

At this point, we need your help to spread the word, to share ShoeBloxx with retailers and wholesalers you may know, to put us in contact with journalists and bloggers and especially to talk to your friends and family that may want to buy these shoes for their kids.

Furthermore, we are constantly searching for manufacturers to help give us the best price and quality to produce the footwear. If you know any footwear manufacturers within Asia, Europe and US, please send us a note: thefuture@doyoushoe.com


Also check out our website at http://www.DoYouShoe.com
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