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SupBro Space - The UltraSonic Electric Sneaker Cleaner

The superior way to clean white shoes, luxury sneakers, your favorite Jordans, or any other kicks in your collection.

Introducing SupBro™ Space Ultrasonic Cleaning Brush. The superior way to clean white shoes, luxury sneakers, your favorite Jordans, or any other kicks in your collection. With SupBro Space, cleaning your shoes has never been easier. Experience this powerful yet gentle brush that makes it easier to get your sneakers clean. 

It can be exhausting trying to scrub shoes clean-- a hand brush can’t get into those tough creases with ease. Plus, cleaning your sneakers can be a mess, tiring, and all-around frustrating. Finally, SupBro has developed a product that utilizes the very best fabric cleaning technology. Saving you valuable time while giving you that superior fresh-sneaker look. 

The soft, high-grade bristles perform a deep and gentle cleaning-- removing stains out of every corner of your prized sneakers; making them as good as new.

No matter which your sneakers are made out of Leather, Textiles, Synthetics or Foam, our sonic brush Space can clean it better than any other cleaning brush on the market. 

With Space, you can easily remove residual dirt deep in fabrics that other ordinary brushes can't.

There are 3 modes for multipurpose cleaning with SupBro Space:  GENTLE, POWERFUL, and MIXED mode. The different power levels allow the brush to clean various fabrics, including leather, or any other material like handbags, furniture, home, and kitchen appliances. 

Type-c/wireless charging is supported, and high-efficiency battery charging mode is a key feature. You’ll have about 4 hours of intensive use or about 20+ pairs of sneakers cleaned on just one charge. You can travel with your SupBro Space without having to worry about finding a place to charge. 

Full power can be used for 260 minutes. The super long endurance allows you to wash 20+ pairs of shoes at a time.

Replaceable brush head design, to meet different sneaker requirements. The fine nylon brush has smooth edges and corners, making it extremely flexible while never causing damage to the shoe’s fabric. 

Two kinds of brush heads are provided within the kit, they aim to clean different shoe materials. These brush options will provide 360 protection and support to your shoe’s fabric making the life of your sneakers last even longer. 

SupBro Space offers extraordinary shoe care. Simply spray foam on the scuffed or stained area, brush it, and wipe to clean.

The package comes with cleaning foam and a soft cloth. The cleaning foam is made out of water, surface-active ingredients, preservatives, fungicides, and natural plant essence to provide full protection and extend the shoes’ durability.


You can use our cleaning foam by shaking the can and spraying the foam onto the shoes. After that, using the soft side of our sonic brush, gently brush the foam in small circles on the shoe. This way, you can remove all the dirt between the grooves.

Use a cautious amount of foam each time, as you don’t want to get the sneaker too wet or use too much of it at once. 

SupBro is currently the fastest-growing high-end sneaker care brand in the world. The company was established in June 2016. We’ve sold more than 2 million products worldwide in the past four years and we participate in nearly 40 sneaker and fashion exhibitions every year, serving approximately 300 thousand sneaker lovers annually. 

NBA Players at SupBro’s Events

Nick Young, Ray Allen, Dwyane Wade

Our team’s goal is to make the best products and build communication and community with our fans off and online. We love educating people in solving their sneaker and sneaker-cleaning issues.  

SupBro is on track to becoming the world’s largest shoe care brand company in 2022.


SUPPORT THEIR CAMPAIGN: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/supbro/supbro-ultrasonic-electric-shoe-brush

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