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Award Winning 3D Printed Sneaker



Searching the web, I always manage to find new designs for shoes in the world of 3D printing. Occasionally somebody comes out with something that is unlike anything before it.


The Global Footwear Design Competition was looking for a type  of shoe that fell into this category. The competition included designers from China, Russia, Italy, Thailand and Indonesia. Many have tried to print a shoe that was both beautiful and comfortable, but 3D printing makes that very hard to accomplish.


Chinese designer Zhang has shown that comfort and beauty is in fact possible to accomplish with 3D printing. He has been designing shoes for about four years, and is employed as a junior shoe designer at Anta Group. It was very easy for him to use shoe design software given that he studies Industrial Shoe Design.





Use of advanced technology is important with the creation of beautiful and comfortable shoes like the ones featured on 3DShoes.com.


Traditional shoe models require 12 manual workers, and can take four to six weeks to complete. As for 3D printed shoes, they can be completed in one to two days using just two people. This will help with the expansion of 3DShoes in the future.


The only difficult part, noted by Zhang, is that it is challenging to find the correct sole materials to fit the wearer. The key to a good shoe is its function and


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