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Two Students Develop “Footprint”


3D printed clothing and accessories have revolutionized the fashion industry. When it comes to creating shoes with the same method, developers struggle a little more.


Creating something durable and comfortable for our feet is difficult, but two students from Philadelphia University think they have come up with a solution. They started a “FOOTPRINT” project, with a goal to produce footwear through 3D scanning and arithmetic.


They started by looking at different technologies, including photogrammetry software and light scanning, which are underused in the footwear industry. 3D printing is used in footwear more for fashion, rather than functionality.


So they decided to use the technologies to create customized fits for shoes while at the same time reducing waste. All of this will also help eliminate health problems that are associated with poorly fitted shoes. This kind of innovation could be applied to shoes that you find on 3DShoes.com.


3D printing has proven to be the best choice for producing low-cost customized soles that they figured out testing with various flexible filaments. The printers that proved to be the most useful were those made by InterMountain 3D.


The finished products showed all the qualities that they were hoping for in terms of compression and flex characteristics. The downside is the durability of these is questionable without the proper kind of protective coating on the shoes. With time the design will be perfected, and will help improve production of other shoes such as ones the site 3DShoes has to offer consumers.


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