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FOW KOI | 100% Waterproof, Oilproof, Anti-Fouling sneakers

FOW KOI | TRI PROOF FIBER Converting organic materials and smart design into comfortable, sustainable, and convenient athleisure shoes.

We're FreshOuterWear. And we have created a tri-proof knitted all-terrain travel sneaker that doesn’t compromise comfort, style, or performance. It’s a blend of a new modern style of fashion with a fresh koi effect sneaker that meets the wild lifestyle footwear. A trendy, facile, snug, tri-proof, and lightweight sneaker designed to appear cool, but well suited for adventures.

It started for a few reasons. One, the love of nature and the beauty of koi fish, that we felt was a natural way to bring fashion and nature together to find a distinct sneaker. Many shoes are over designed, overly colorful, overly logo-ed. We identified the opportunity to create a knitted expedition shoe that focused on form and was controlled in its execution. A shoe is such a simple thing, but a strenuous thing to manufacture efficiently.

Thanks to fluorine-free anti-splash fiber, breathable, and odor resistant can perform on Fow and shift directly to our feet.

FOW is a sneaker for every need: sneakers, hiking shoes, aqua shoes, outdoor shoes, and slippers. The Koi sneaker solves all problems into one. We formed the shoe to be super light, a rubberized heel profile will securely hold your foot in place, and it’s slip-proof “popscale” sole design allows you to take the shoe anywhere without worry. Made with our unique Tri-proof knitted MESH FIBER blend making it super waterproof. Forget about soaked socks and dirty shoes, with FOW you can be a trendsetter and always travel in style.

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You won't find another shoe like us anywhere in the world. The technology behind it is a permanent constructed knitted blend mesh that is 55% recycled. We adopt the composite spinning technology of leather core, which is conducive to the bionics principle of "lotus leaf effect", and makes the fiber surface set up nanoscale villi, thus producing waterproof, anti-fouling and oilproof effects.  That keeps the water out, but allows your feet to breathe simultaneously. And on top of that, be comfortable, stylish, and ready for any adventure. Fow will keep your feet protected. They're built to last every season, and any day of the year, from sunny days and rainy muddy weeks, also take them on experiences around the world or even in your back yard garden.

Fow Koi was made to be sustainable, making it light on your feet for out-doors and in-door activities like running, walking, jogging, rainy days, sports, work and etc.  The fabric the shoes are made of stops your feet from getting wet and smelling keep your feet from bacteria free and fungus free. blast


SUPPORT THEIR CAMPAIGN: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/freshouterwear/fow-koi-100-waterproof-oilproof-anti-fouling-sneakers

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