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GreenPlax - The World’s 1st Shoes Made with Ocean Plastics

Only 4% of plastic water bottles are properly recycled, and most end up in our oceans.
On average, every week, each of us ingests 5 grams of microplastics from the ocean because the bottles we throw away end up as part of our food chain. That’s like eating one credit card.
We decided it was time to take action by rescuing disposed water bottles from the ocean and upcycle them into shoes that can become life-long friends.
Some shoes claim to be made of recycled plastic, but that’s usually only true for part of their shoe. GreenPlax is made of plastic from the top down.

This optimal outsole design gives you four-way flexibility, making it completely responsive to how your feet move.
Being made with recycled plastic has perks other than saving the planet. It also provides a water repellant shell, keeping your feet nice and dry, no matter the weather.
Have you ever heard of a shoe being stainproof? Well, we'd like to introduce you to our advanced material that doesn't allow dirt or stains to stick around.
Simply rinse your shoe with water to create that "new shoe" look time and time again.


SUPPORT THEIR CAMPAIGN: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/greenplax/greenplax-the-worlds-1st-shoes-made-with-ocean-plastics

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