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LANXESS, a specialty chemicals company offers Low Free (LF) isocyanate urethane polymers that can be formulated into resins for 3D printing. The company is known for working with 3D printing companies for creating the resins. Based on Adiprene LF para-phenylene diisocyanate (pPDI) prepolymers. The LF technology creates polymer morphology that can be precisely controlled, resulting in highly structure phase separation between the crystalline hard and amorphous soft segments. The chemical structure provides better physical properties, easier processing, and also reduces the hazard classifications for formulated urethane systems.


The footwear industry uses 3D printing for the midsole, upper, and structural components such as heels and toes. Flexibility to formulate LF prepolymers in printable resins helps 3D printers with mass customization, enabling cushioning for the more structural shoe elements. Footwear components are designed to require both very soft and more rigid elastomers, and LF prepolymers can provide that. Users in desktop 3D printing want simple, easy to use resins that increase their manufacturing productivity. LANXESS is the only company that offers LF isocyanate prepolymer systems based on pPDI, with global production capacity, besides fast and customized development of new products for specific customer needs.


Original Article: https://www.plasticsinsight.com/lanxess-presents-next-generation-of-prepolymers-that-can-be-formulated-into-resins-for-3d-printing/


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