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NFL Players And 3D Printed Cleats

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and I have the perfect article to write about today. 3D scanning is capable of bringing customized sports shoes to NFL players. The technology company HP has announced that the NFL is looking into their FitStation platform to provide personalized cleat shoes. This includes all 32 NFL teams and they will combine 3D scanning, 3D software, and body data. Football players will have access from next season. These shoes are not yet being 3D printed, but HP believes that footwear companies will see the impact 3D printed shoes will have on their future business opportunities. An HP spokesperson stated that the industry and consumers want to improve performance and personalization. It has been demonstrated numerous times that footwear will continue to emerge as a key standing for HP’s 3D printing business.


Using FitStation, 3D foot scanning calculates a customer’s foot length, width and arch height. Next. more data is gathered as the customer runs along a pressure sensitive pathway. FitStation is able to capture up to 500 foot-pressure and dynamic gait measurements per second. The data is then analyzed and used to create a unique digital profile. After this, the digital profile is matched to previously scanned 3D images of participating football cleat manufacturers, which includes Nike, Under Armour and Adidas. The NFL’s Musculoskeletal Committee, which analyses injury data, studies injury mechanisms and works toward injury prevention to improve player health and safety selected HP’s FitStation. Since FitStation matches cleats precisely to a player’s anatomy and dynamics, it can reduce the damage against these injuries. Over here at 3DShoes.com, we are nothing short of impressed.


Original Article: https://3dprintingindustry.com/news/next-season-nfl-players-will-sport-custom-sports-gear-hp-fitstation-3d-scanning-solution-128166/


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