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Sole Socks: Say goodbye to socks and hello to freedom

Replace your socks with our custom insole that absorbs moisture and odor from the foot to keep your feet and shoes smelling fresh

The Problem  

Sole- socks is a simple solution to a common annoyance / problem. In today's ever evolving fashion and style trends, more and more people are going sock less. It's become a very popular look / style for both men and woman. You also have a huge amount of people who just don't want to wear socks, whether it be for convenient or laziness, they don't want to wear socks.  There are a couple big issues and annoyances that everyone who is trying to pull off the sock less look has to deal with. If you choose to wear socks, you have to find super small thin socks that don't go above the shoe line. These socks are typically tight, uncomfortable and slip off the heel throughout the day. The other option is to fold down larger socks and deal with bunching and unevenness on your foot. The last option is just to choose not to wear socks. This seems like the most logical right? But then you run into the issue of having sweaty, smelly feet which almost always gets trapped in your shoes and no matter how many times you try to air them out, or even wash them, the smell won't go away. I can't tell you how many pairs of shoes I have had to throw away from rancid, funky smells from not wearing socks. 


Sole-Socks are specialty insoles that have been created to replace socks. You can machine wash them when they smell and get dirty. Sole socks solve the many problems that we face when trying to pull off the no sock look. This is a deodorization, hygroscopicity and breathable, shock- absorption insole that offers added comfort to your shoe. These also offer air circulation inside the shoe. The end result is that your feet are cool, dry and comfortable.


Sole- Sock are specially designed with a plush terry cloth top, which absorbs the moisture, odor, and all the other funky things that come from your feet throughout the day. This 100% cotton Terry cloth has been specially designed to be thick with long loops in order to be breathable enough to let heat and air through to the foot but its fibers are designed in a way to absorb anything that shouldn't be in your shoe, such as sweat and odor. The terry cloth is attached with a durable cotton outer layer of fabric and attached with a Bosnian embroidered stitch around the entire outer edge of the sole. The  zig zag looking stitch insures durability and quality during the length of the product life. Sole-Socks were designed to take the wear and tear that occurs each day on your feet. The final component of the design is the base, this is designed in such a way to allow the sole to grip the inside of your shoe and prevent slipping. These same fiber that grip and stabilize the Sole-Sock, are designed in such a way to allows air to flow from underneath your foot. This allows your foot to breath, cools it down and cuts down on sweat and odor.  Additionally, the base layer is perforated to allow the foot to breathe from the bottom. This bottom layer also acts as a padding and support. 

Sole-Socks are designed in a way to offer a little more cushion and comfort on the bottom of your foot. At the same time we designed it in a way to make sure it wasn't to bulky to cause the shoe too become tight and uncomfortable. These were designed to be treated like a pair of socks. 

the design and why it works so well
the design and why it works so well

What about the sweat from the top of my feet?  More than 90% of odor causing perspiration is released at the sole of the feet. 

Materials: 70%cotton, 5% Polyester 25% silicone

bottom of the sole-sock: Groove to help air flow and grip, air hole for breathablity.
bottom of the sole-sock: Groove to help air flow and grip, air hole for breathablity.
base of the sole sock
base of the sole sock
A detailed photo of the top absorbent material and why it works so well.
A detailed photo of the top absorbent material and why it works so well.
 project video thumbnail
just for kids
just for kids

Benefits of sole socks:

Our goal is to keep your feet, COOL, DRY, ODOR FREE AND COMFORTABLE. We know Sole-Socks offer all of these things.

- Socks don't show anymore

- Extra padding for soles of your shoes 

- Blocks odor

- Breathable 

- Absorbs moister 

- Prevents athletes feet symptoms 

- Comfortable

- Very convenient  

- Machine washable

- Customization to your size and fit

-  Able to use in almost any type shoe

- Take up less space in suitcases / dresser drawer space

- No more socks with holes 


Step One: Find out what shoe size you wear. The easiest way to do this would be going to your closet and looking at your shoes. Once you know this, order that size of Sole-sock

Step Two: Once you receive your sole-sock in the mail simply place the left and right foot beds into your chosen pair of shoes. (Should I remove the existing sole? it all depends on your preference. Most people lay the Sole-sock on top of the existing sole due to the fact these are designed as sock and not sole replacements.)

Step Three: Put on your shoes and go about your day.

Step Four: At the end of the day simply remove your custom pair of Sole-Socks and throw them in the washing machine

It's as simple as these 4 steps, treat them like you would a normal pair of socks.

Sole- Socks time lines and future plans.

As you can see sole socks are fully developed, tested and ready for mass production. When our project is funded, all backers will receive there order in less than 60 days. As soon as the project is backed our first full production run will be placed. Production time is about 30 days. Once product is made, we will then sort, package and proceed to ship each individual order to each kickstarter backer. 

Once we have shipped and fulfilled all the backers orders, our plan is to start selling Sole-Socks directly on our website for $10 a pair. We want to reward early backers who support us here on kickstarter with a low price for all the support and belief in our product. Act fast and check out the rewards on the side. We will also target key retailers who we think that would be a good fit / partner. 

We also plan on upgrading our packaging in order to educate the consumer more easily on the benefits of Sole-Socks



SIZING: You may be asking how do I know what size Sole-Socks works best for me? We work on a US shoe size system, in both Men's and Woman's. We recommend you purchase the size of sole-sock that you would for shoes size. Sole-Socks are offered in whole sizes only, if you are a half size no worries we got you covered. Sole-Socks are designed to fit full and half size shoe sizes. As a rule of thumb, for those individuals who wear a half size we recommend going down to the nearest whole size. For example if you are a size 9.5 you would order a size 9 Sole-Sock. See chart below for to reference what size will work best for you.

Kids sizes: If we hit our stretch goal of 15,000 we will offer kid sizes sole-socks. We will offer size 8-13 small children and sizes 1-5 big kid sizes as well.

  If your more familiar with other sizing metric feel free to refer to the shoe chart below.

Adult sizing chart for reference
Adult sizing chart for reference
Kids sizing chart: toddlers, little and big kids
Kids sizing chart: toddlers, little and big kids

Do they really work? I'm sure some people doubt that these could replace their socks and have so many added benefits. To be honest we were a bit skeptical at first as well. Yes, it is a simple design but the product testing and design behind Sole-socks speaks for its self. When analyzing the materials and the functions each one of these materials play into the product, we know our product works and our proud to stand behind it. The only way to truly know for yourself, is to try it out. 

How often do I need to wash my soles-socks? This really depends on you. Each person who uses the product differs widely. Some people's feet sweat a lot more than others. Some people are washing there pair each day, and others are washing there pair of Sole-socks every few weeks. 

Care instructions: How do I wash my sole-socks? It's really simple Sole-Socks are washing machine friendly, just throw them in the washer and let me air dry. They are designed to air dry very quickly and be ready to use with little wait time.

 Why do my feet stink without socks? - Stinky feet are caused by overgrowth of bacteria. Interestingly, a skilled diagnostician can identify the type of bacteria from the smell. Sole-Socks help prevent this bacteria from taking place in your shoes it acts like buffer and stops smell at its source.


My brother and I have been in Business together since we could remember. I guess you could even go back to our first neighborhood lemonade stand, to most recently working the past 3 years together with a startup based in Boise Idaho. Each of our skill-sets and knowledge has really helped to complement one another in work and family relationships. We get a lot of inspiration from each other and our surroundings. We are extremely passionate about Sole-Socks, the fact that this product solves a problem us and our friends have dealt with makes this project so much more special. We really think that this product is going to change the sock industry. With Tanners expertise in manufacturing and product development and Taylor's experience in marketing and advertising we know that we can bring this product to market.

Tanner and Taylor doing some product testing
Tanner and Taylor doing some product testing
Brainstorming & design ideas
Brainstorming & design ideas

For more information check out our Website http://sole-socks.com

Like us on facebook and share our product with your friends.

another detailed photo of the terry cloth top material
another detailed photo of the terry cloth top material



SUPPORT THEIR CAMPAIGN: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1018731302/sole-socks-alternitive-for-socks-without-all-the-h

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